Index Name

Giroud, A.-M.

Alternative Writings

Giroud, A.M.

Similar Names

Giroud, Anne Marie;   Giroud-Godquin, A.-M.;   Giroud-Godquin, A.M.;   Giroud-Godquin, Anne Marie;   Giroud-Godquin, Anne-Marie;   Godquin-Giroud, A.M.;   Godquin-Giroud, Anne Marie


Cox, R.J.;   Mueller-Westerhoff, U.T.;   Nazzal, A.

Publication Titles

1978: Mesomorphic transition metals complexes
1980: Smectic and nematic derivatives of tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) and their charge transfer complexes with mesomorphic dithienes

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