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Gimenez, R.

Alternative Writings

Giménez, R.

Similar Names

Gimenez, Raquel;   Giménez, Raquel


Alonso, P.J.;   Barbera, J.;   Barberá, J.;   Broer, D.;   Fischer, Th.;   Gimeno, N.;   Lydon, D.P.;   Manrique, A.B.;   Marcos, M.;   Martinez, J.I.;   Pina, M.C.;   Pinol, M.;   Rosenhauer, R.;   Serrano, J.L.;   Stumpe, J.;   Vinuales, A.

Publication Titles

2002: Design of Salicylaldiminate Metal Complexes for Columnar Mesophases
2002: Metallomesogens: a promise or a fact?
2003: Paramagnetic Bimetallomesogens
2005: Light-Induced Orientation of Liquid Crystalline Terpolymers Containing Azobenzene and Dye Moieties

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