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Gilli, J.M.

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Gilli, J.-M.;   Gilli, Jean Marc;   Gilli, Jean-Marc


Aleksander, M.;   Blumstein, A.;   Blumstein, R.;   Blumstein, R.B.;   Buka, Ágnes;   Chevallard, C.;   Coullet, P.;   Czupryñski, K.L.;   D'Allest, J.F.;   Dandurand, J.;   Dayan, S.;   Delacroix, H.;   Faubert, F.;   Fontanille, M.;   Fried, F.;   Frisch, T.;   Fulcheri, C.;   Gil, L.;   Kamaye, M.;   Kharas, G.;   Klosowicz, S.;   Lacabanne, C.;   Laivins, G.;   Laugt, M.;   Lematre, J.;   Maissa, P.;   Manaila-Maximean, D.;   Maret, G.;   Mariani, P.;   Pinton, J.F.;   Rica, S.;   Robert, P.;   Rosu, C.;   Schmidt, H.W.;   Seurin, M.J.;   Sixou, P.;   Thiberge, S.;   Thomas, O.;   Vierheilig, A.;   Villenave, J.J.;   ten Bosch, A.

Publication Titles

1983: Addition of a flexible polymer, poly(vinylpyrrolidone), to a mesomorphic aqueous solution of a semirigid polymer, hydroxypropyl cellulose
1983: Liquid crystalline polymer solutions and mixtures
1983: NMR study of mesomorphic solutions of cellulose derivatives
1983: Rheological studies of cellulose derivatives solutions
1983: The cholesteric pitch in lyotropic solutions of a semi-rigid macromolecule: hydroxypropylcellulose
1983: The circular dichroism of cholesteric cellulose acetate solutions; dependence on molecular weight
1984: Electro-hydrodynamic instabilities in main chain thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters
1984: Mesomorphic transitions in a mixture of a flexible and a semi-rigid polymer
1984: Optical properties of mesomorphic polymers with and without electric fields
1984: Phase diagram and electrohydrodynamic instabilities in a nematic aromatic polyester
1985: Bend elastic constant and shear rotational viscosity in a liquid crystal-mesomorphic polymer mixture
1985: Liquid crystalline polymer solutions and mixtures
1985: Magnetic birefringence in mixtures of a nematic aromatic polyester and PAA
1985: The effect of an electric field on a thermotropic polymer: optical memory effect
1986: Electrohydrodynamic instabilities in a nematic aromatic polyester in solution and in the melt
1986: Refractive index of a sheared cholesteric polymer
1988: Blue phase in liquid crystal polymer mixtures
1988: New thermotropic polymers with flexible backbone and mesogenic side-chains: synthesis and characterization
1989: New thermotropic polymers with flexible backbone and mesogenic side chains: blends with small molecule liquid crystals
1989: Solidified in blue phases in a polysiloxane mesophase
1989: X-ray diffraction study of a polybutadiene, side chain, mesomorphic polymer
1990: Biphases, blue phases, and shapes of nucleation
1990: Dielectric behavior of side chain liquid crystal polymers: a study by the thermally stimulated current (TSC) method
1991: Quenched blue phase, below the glass transition of a side chain polysiloxane: electron microscope studies
1992: Enhanced smectic polymorphism of a cholesteric side chain co-oligosiloxane by blending with small molecule liquid crystals
1992: First Observations of a Spiral Instability at the Smectic A-Cholesteric Transition under Electric Field
1992: First observations of a spiral instability at the smectic A-cholesteric transition under an electric field
1992: Image Analysis of Quenched Blue Phase 1: Transmission Electron Micrography
1992: Smectic A-Cholesteric Transition in a Side Chain Cooligomer-CE1 blend: A Particular Confined Geometry for the TGB Phase
1992: Smectic A-cholesteric transition in a side chain cooligomer-CE1 blend: a particular confined geometry for the TGB phase?
1993: Two-dimensional Landau-de Gennes dynamic model for the unwinding transition of a cholesteric liquid crystal
1994: Excitability in liquid crystal
1994: Spiral waves in liquid crystal
1994: Static and dynamic textures obtained under an electric field in the neighborhood of the winding transition of a strongly confined cholesteric
1995: Excitability and defect-mediated turbulence in nematic liquid crystal
1997: Flow alignment in smectic liquid crystal
1997: Inversion walls in homeotropic nematic and cholesteric layers
1997: Spiral waves in nematic liquid crystals: experimental analysis of selection rules
1998: Surprising Dynamics of Some Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Patterns
1999: Critical radius of loop defects in homeotropic nematic liquid crystals
2004: New Aspect of the Voltage/Confinement Ratio Phase Diagram for a Confined Homeotropic Cholesteric
2004: Polymer-Dispersed Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Reflecting In the Infrared Region


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