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Germann, Alfred

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Germann, A.


Boller, Arthur;   Buchecker, Richard;   Kelly, Stephen;   Lee-Schmiederer, Silvia;   Petrzilka, Martin;   Schadt, Martin;   Villiger, Alois

Publication Titles

1982: Liquid crystal mixtures
1982: Mixtures containing a dye and their use in liquid crystal mixtures
1984: Colored liquid crystal mixtures containing phenylethane
1985: New liquid crystals: the synthesis and mesomorphic properties of alkenylsubstituted cyanophenylethylcyclohexanes and cyanobiphenylylcyclohexanes
1986: Coloring substance-containing liquid crystal mixtures
1986: The synthesis and mesomorphic properties of liquid crystals containing three-membered ring systems
1987: Liquid-crystal pyridine derivatives for electrooptical display devices
1987: New liquid crystals: the mesomorphic properties of mono- and bisalkenyl(oxy) substituted esters
1991: Preparation of [[(chlorophenyl)cyclohexyl]cyclohexyl]alkenes as liquid crystals
1992: Halogenated alkenyl compounds, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their use for electrooptical purposes
1997: Fluorobenzyl ether derivatives for use in thin-film transistor liquid-crystal display devices


EP 110.205 (1984/06/13)
EP 242.716 (1987/10/28)
EP 43.904 (1982/01/20)
EP 458.176 (1991/11/27)
EP 475.273 (1992/03/18)
EP 754.668 (1997/01/22)
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 131, 327
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 133, 85
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 148, 123
US 4.364.838 (1982/12/21)
US 4.613.208 (1986/09/23)

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