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Geppi, Marco

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Geppi, M.


Blinc, Robert;   Calucci, Lucia;   Cardelli, Camillo;   Catalano, Donata;   Chiezzi, Leonardo;   Cifelli, Mario;   Czub, Joanna;   Dabrowski, Roman;   Domenici, Valentina;   Dong, Ronald Y.;   Fodor-Csorba, Katalin;   Forte, Claudia;   Gandolfo, Concetta;   Gestblom, Bo;   Lebar, Andrija;   Lo Nostro, Pierandrea;   Pizzanelli, Silvia;   Przedmojski, Jan;   Tombari, Elpidio;   Urban, Stanislaw;   Veracini, Carlo Alberto;   Veracini, Carlo-Alberto;   Veracini, CarloAlberto;   Zakharov, Alexandre V.;   Zalar, Bostjan

Publication Titles

1992: Deuterium spin-lattice relaxation in thermotropic liquid crystals: study of 4,4'-diheptylazobenzene, 4,4'-diheptylazoxybenzene and 4,4'-dioctylazoxybenzene
1995: Study of the orientational order and dynamics in the nematic and smectic phases of p'-hexyloxybenzylidene-p-fluoroaniline by means of 2H-NMR
1997: A 2H NMR study of orientational order and spin relaxation in the mesogen p-hexyloxybenzylidene-p'-fluoroaniline
1998: Dynamics of liquid crystals by means of 2H-NMR. A comparison between 4,4'-bis(hexyloxy)azoxybenzene and the derivative Pd(II) complex Azpac
2001: Investigation of the dynamics of two chiral smectogens by 2H NMR
2001: Phenyl ring dynamics in a liquid crystal polymer through 2H NMR spectroscopy
2002: 2H NMR spectroscopy of liquid crystals: Structure and orientational order of a chiral smectogen as a model compound of side-group LC polymers
2002: Internal and overall molecular dynamics in a chiral smectogen through 2H NMR relaxation
2002: Investigation of the Solid State Behavior of a Semifluorinated n-Alkane by Means of NMR, Calorimetric, and Dielectric Techniques
2002: Synthesis and 2H NMR Study of a Deuterium Labelled Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Monomer
2003: A new approach to the extraction of dynamic information from the analysis of 2H NMR relaxation times in tilted chiral mesophases
2003: Study of the Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal 11EB1M7 by Means of 2H NMR
2004: Dynamics of 4,4'-di-n-heptylazoxybenzene (HAB) studied using dielectric and 2H NMR relaxation measurements
2004: Dynamics of a ferroelectric liquid crystal by means of 2H NMR spectroscopy: A multifrequency relaxation study
2005: Molecular Dynamics in the Smectic A and C* Phases in a Long-Chain Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal: 2H NMR, Dielectric Properties, and a Theoretical Treatment
2005: Unusual Dynamic Behavior in the Isotropic Phase of Banana Mesogens Detected by 2H NMR Line Width and T2 Measurements
2006: Molecular dynamics of a ferroelectric smectogen in its smectic phases by means of {\super 2}H NMR spectroscopy
2007: Dielectric and X-ray Studies of Substances with the Smectic B phase


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