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Gelerinter, Edward

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Gelerinter, E.


Allender, David W.;   Barley, Jeffrey S.;   Ben-Abraham, Shelomo I.;   Berman, Arthur;   Berman, Arthur L.;   Brown, Glenn H.;   Dietzsch, Wolfgang;   Duffy, Norman V.;   Fishel, Derry L.;   Flick, Cathy;   Fryburg, George A.;   Fryburg, George C.;   Fung, Y.K.;   Golub, Sherman L.;   Johnson, David L.;   Kaplan, Jerome I.;   Kirmse, Rheinhard;   Lee, Seung-Hee;   Lockhart, Thomas E.;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Patterson, Dan Alan;   Plumley, Marco Roy;   Semer, Richard;   Seo, Dae-Shik;   Sheley, Curtis F.;   Shutt, William E.;   Spielberg, Johanan I.;   Spielberg, Johanan Isaac;   Weir, Robert C.;   West, John L.;   Yarish, Stephen S.;   de Vries, Adriaan

Publication Titles

1971: EPR study of a smectic C liquid crystal: new method for determining the tilt angle
1972: Electron paramagnetic resonance study of two smectic A liquid crystals
1973: Electron paramagnetic resonance studies of a viscous nematic liquid crystal. II. Evidence counter to a second-order phase change
1973: Electron paramagnetic resonance study of alignment induced by magnetic fields in two smectic A liquid crystals not exhibiting nematic phases
1973: Resonance spectra of a paramagnetic probe dissolved in a viscous medium
1974: An E.P.R. investigation of the alignment of two smectic A liquid crystals
1974: Electron paramagnetic resonance observation of d.c. electric field effects in nematic liquid crystals
1975: A new technique for measuring the critical magnetic field of cholesteric-nematic mixtures
1976: A spin label study of a smectic C liquid crystal
1976: Optical studies of electric field effects in nematic liquid crystals that have some smectic ordering
1977: Cholestane spin label study of filipin action on lipid planar multibilayers
1977: Comparative optical studies of electrohydrodynamic instabilities in selected nematic liquid crystals with some smectic ordering
1979: A spin label study of the effects of sterols on egg lecithin bilayers
1979: Investigation of the indexes of refraction near the smectic-A-smectic-C transition: orientational order
1982: An EPR spin probe study of the glass transition in MBBA
1982: Measurement of refractive indexes and their relation to orientational order at smectic-A-smectic-C transitions
1982: Observation of squint - a nonlinear feature of flow patterns in nematics
1985: EPR probe study of the molecular dynamics of the supercooled liquid, the glass state, and the glass transition in liquid-crystalline MBBA [n-(p-methoxybenzlidene)-p-butylaniline]
1985: Saturation studies of spin probes dissolved in a glass-forming isotropic liquid
1986: Saturation studies of spin probes dissolved in a glass forming nematic liquid crystal MBBA
1991: EPR evidence for a new, important limiting resonance structure in the explanation of the bonding of spin-crossover Fe(III) dichalcogenocarbamates
1996: A study of hysteresis and bistability in a polymer-stabilized nematic liquid crystal using paramagnetic resonance and electro-optical studies


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