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Geerts, Yves H.

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Geerts, Y.H.;   Geerts, Yves;   Geerts, Yves Henri


Andreasen, Jens W.;   Biscarini, Fabio;   Breiby, Dag W.;   Calo, Annalisa;   Calò, Annalisa;   Cavallini, Massimiliano;   Debever, Olivier;   Donnio, Bertrand;   Dumont, Nicolas;   Gbabode, Gabin;   Graf, Robert;   Heintz, Christophe;   Jonas, Alain M.;   Kengne, Jean Crispin;   Lazzaroni, Roberto;   Martins, Sandrine;   Matacotta, Francesco Cino;   Melinte, Sorin;   Mondeshki, Mihail;   Mouthuy, Pierre-Olivier;   Nielsen, Martin M.;   Osikowicz, Wojciech;   Pouzet, Eric;   Quist, Florence;   Salaneck, William R.;   Schweicher, Guillaume;   Sergeyev, Sergey;   Sorensen, Stacey L.;   Spiess, Hans Wolfgang;   Stoliar, Pablo;   Viville, Pascal;   Vlad, Alexandru;   Zucchi, Gael;   Zucchi, Gaël;   de Cupere, Vinciane;   de Jong, Michel P.

Publication Titles

2005: Remarkable Miscibility between Disk- and Lathlike Mesogens
2007: Uniaxial Alignment of Nanoconfined Columnar Mesophases
2008: Femtosecond Charge Transfer in Assemblies of Discotic Liquid Crystals
2008: Monolayer Control of Discotic Liquid Crystal by Electromigration of Dewetted Layers in Thin Film Devices
2009: Homeotropic Alignment of a Discotic Liquid Crystal Induced by a Sacrificial Layer
2009: Homeotropic and Planar Alignment of Discotic Liquid Crystals: The Role of the Columnar Mesophase
2009: Lithographic Alignment of Discotic Liquid Crystals: A New Time-Temperature Integrating Framework
2009: Miscibility between Differently Shaped Mesogens: Structural and Morphological Study of a Phthalocyanine-Perylene Binary System


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