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Garland, C.W.

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Garland, Carl W.


Aharony, Amnon;   Anesta, E.;   Bahr, Christian;   Barois, P.;   Beaubois, F.;   Bellini, T.;   Berker, A. Nihat;   Birgeneau, R.J.;   Bloemen, E.;   Blum, K.I.;   Chan, T.;   Chiang, C.;   Chiang, Chian;   Claverie, T.;   Clegg, P.S.;   Damien, J.C.;   Das, P.;   Ema, K.;   Evans-Lutterodt, K.W.;   Finotello, D.;   Gallani, J.-L.;   Geer, B.;   Goodby, J.;   Gorria, P.;   Górecka, Ewa;   Haga, H.;   Hardouin, F.;   Heppke, Gerd;   Hill, J.P.;   Huang, C.C.;   Huster, M.E.;   Iannacchione, G.S.;   Indekeu, J.O.;   Jeong, Y.H.;   Johnson, P.M.;   Kasting, G.B.;   Kawamura, I.;   Keimer, B.;   Kim, J.-M.;   Kim, Y.-J.;   Kortan, A.R.;   Kumar, S.;   Kumar, Satyendra;   Kutnjak, Z.;   Kwiecien, J.Z.;   Larson, B.D.;   Leach, P.;   Lebedev, V.V.;   Leheny, R.L.;   Leung, R.C.;   Litster, J.D.;   Lushington, K.J.;   Mang, J.T.;   Marcerou, J.P.;   Meichle, M.;   Mieczkowski, J.;   Milner, S.T.;   Navailles, L.;   Netz, R.R.;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Nguyen, H.T.;   Nguyen, Huu Tinh;   Nounesis, G.;   Nounesis, George;   Ocko, B.M.;   Park, S.;   Pfeiffer, S.;   Qian, S.;   Ramazanoglu, M.K.;   Rieker, T.P.;   Rosenblatt, C.;   Roshi, A.;   Rouillon, J.C.;   Roux, D.;   Ruth, J.;   Safinya, C.R.;   Schaefer, D.W.;   Schaetzing, R.;   Shao, Y.;   Shashidhar, R.;   Shi, Y.;   Sigaud, G.;   Somasekhar, S.;   Stine, K.J.;   Stock, C.;   Wand, M.D.;   Wen, X.;   Wen, Xin;   Wu, L.;   Wu, Lei;   Yao, H.;   Young, M.;   Young, M.J.;   Yu, L.-J.;   Zhou, B.

Publication Titles

1979: A test of tricriticality in cholesteryl oleyl carbonate
1980: Calorimetric investigation of a reentrant-nematic liquid-crystal mixture
1980: Calorimetric study of phase transitions in the liquid crystal (butyloxybenzylidene)octylaniline (40.8)
1980: Critical heat capacity near the nematic-smectic-A transition in octyloxycyanobiphenyl in the range 1-2000 bar
1980: Critical heat capacity of octylcyanobiphenyl (8CB) near the nematic-smectic A transition
1981: Calorimetric investigation of phase transitions in butyloxybenzylideneheptylaniline (4O.7)
1981: Critical behavior in the shear elasticity of adamantane in the plastic phase
1981: Critical behavior near the nematic-smectic-A transition in (butyloxybenzylidene)octylaniline (40.8)
1981: Experimental studies of liquid crystal phase transitions
1983: Calorimetric study of the smectic-A -smectic-C phase transition in liquid crystals
1983: Critical behavior at the nematic - smectic-A transition in butyloxybenzylideneheptylaniline (4O.7)
1983: Smectic A-smectic C transition: Mean field or critical
1984: Calorimetric strudy of nematic-smectic A, amd smectic-A1-smectic A2 transition in DB6+TBBA
1984: Optical and calorimetric studies of the nematic isotropic transition in C5PFO
1985: Calorimetric study of nematic-smectic A1 and smectic A1-smectic A2 transitions: T7, T8 and DB6 + TBBA
1986: Critical heat capacity variation at the smectic A1-smectic A2 transition
1987: Anomalous heat capacity associated with the incommensurate smectic A phase in DB7OCN + 8OCB
1987: Calorimetric study of nematic-smectic-A tricritical behavior in mixtures of heptyloxypentylphenylthiolbenzoate and octyloxycyanobiphenyl
1987: Nematic-smectic-C heat capacity near the nematic-smectic-A-smectic-C point
1987: Reentrant transition enthalpies of liquid crystals: The frustrated spin-gas model and experiments
1989: Calorimetric study of Fisher renormalization of tricritical behavior in mixtures of octyloxycyanobiphenyl and terephtal-bis-butylaniline
1989: Calorimetric study of nematic to smectic-A tricritical behavior
1989: Calorimetric study of nonyloxybenzoyloxycyanoazobenzene (90BCAB)
1989: Calorimetric study of smectic polymorphism in octyloxyphenyl-nitrobenzoyloxy benzoate + decyloxyphenyl-nitrobenzoyloxy benzoate mixtures
1989: Calorimetric study of the incommensurate smectic-A phase in DB7OCN + 80CB
1989: Calorimetric study of the smectic A-smectic C transition in TBBA
1989: Calorimetric study of the smectic-Ad–smectic-A2 critical point
1989: Extended Fisher renormalized tricritical behavior of the nematic–smectic-A transition in liquid-crystal mixtures
1989: Heat capacity associated with nematic-smectic-A1-smectic-~A-smectic-A(crenelated)-smectic-A2 phase sequence
1989: Heat-capacity measurements near the nematic-smectic-A1 and smectic-A1-smectic-C transitions in octyloxyphenyl cyanobenzyloxy benzoate
1989: Specific heat due to smectic C to smectic I bond orientational ordering
1989: XY behavior for the heat capacity at nematic-smectic-A1 liquid-crystal transitions
1990: Calorimetric study of the smectic-A–smectic-C* transition and the nematic–smectic-A–smectic-C* point
1990: Calorimetric study of the smectic-C to smectic-F transition in terephthalbis(4-alkylanilines)
1990: Critical behavior of polymorphic smectic A liquid crystals
1990: Critical heat capacity at nematic-smectic A1 and smectic A1-smectic A2 transitions in DB5CN + TBBA
1991: Calorimetric investigation of nematic-smectic-A2 and smectic-A2-smectic-C2 transition
1991: Crossover from three-dimensional XY to tricritical behavior for the nematic-smectic-A1 phase transition
1992: Calorimetric Study of a Nematic Lake
1992: Calorimetric studies of liquid - crystal phase transitions: a.c. techniques
1992: Calorimetric study of the smectic-Ad-smectic-A2 critical point in a binary mixture of homologs
1992: High-Resolution X-Ray Investigation of Nematic-Smectic-A{\sub 1} Transitions
1992: Smectic-A{\sub d}-Smectic-A{\sub 2} Critical Point
1992: Studies on the Structure and Phase Transitions in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Polymers and Monomers
1993: Critical behavior at nematic- smectic -A1 phase transitions. I. High-resolution x-ray-scattering and calorimetric study of the liquid -crystal octyloxyphenyl nitrobenzoyloxybenzoate
1993: Critical behavior at nematic- smectic -A1 phase transitions. II. Preasymptotic three-dimensional XY analysis of x-ray and Cp data
1993: High-resolution calorimetric study of the antiferroelectric liquid crystals methylheptyloxycarbonylphenyl octyloxybiphenyl carboxylate and its octylcarbonylbiphenyl analog
1993: Landau second order to tricritical crossover behavior for smectic A-smectic C* transitions
1993: Nonasymptotic critical 3D-XY behavior for the nematic- smectic -A1 liquid crystal transition
1993: Search for SmAd-SmAd' transitions
1993: Spinodal decomposition in two-component smectics
1993: X-ray and calorimetric study of smectic ~C-smectic A2-smectic C2 transitions in a liquid crystal mixture
1994: Critical behavior of the second harmonic in a density wave system
1994: Experimental observation of a transition between two uniaxial nematic liquid-crystal phases
1994: X-ray diffraction study of the smectic-~A fluid antiphase and its transitions to smectic-A1 and smectic-A2 phases
1995: Critical behavior of the structure factor for higher harmonics in density wave systems
1995: Heat-capacity study of nematic-isotropic and nematic-smectic-A transitions for octylcyanobiphenyl in silica aerogels
1996: Calorimetric study of phase transitions involving twist-grain-boundary TGBA and TGBC phases
1997: Calorimetry study of phase transitions for pentylphenylthiol-octyloxybenzoate in silica aerogels
1997: Influence of nematic range on birefringence, heat capacity and elastic modulus near a nematic-smectic-A phase transition
1997: Quasicritical heat capacity at a smectic-A-hexatic-B phase transition
1997: Random-field effects on the nematic-smectic-A phase transition due to silica aerosil particles
1997: Thermal study of the influence of aerosils on the phase transitions of heptyloxybenzylidene butylaniline
1998: Calorimetric and small angle x-ray scattering study of phase transitions in octylcyanobiphenyl-aerosil dispersions
1998: Calorimetric study of the smectic-A-hexatic-B transition in 3(10)OBC
1998: Generalized smectic-hexatic phase diagram
1998: Phase behavior in the reentrant-nematic region of chiral frustrated smectic liquid crystals
1999: Critical heat capacity at the smectic A-smectic C transition in a partially fluorinated liquid crystal
1999: Thermal and structural study close to a smectic A-smectic A critical point
1999: Twist-grain-boundary phase diagrams in chiral liquid crystals
1999: Twist-grain-boundary transitions in a chiral tolane compound
2000: Smectic polymorphism and fluctuations in a polar liquid-crystal binary mixture
2003: Effect of a quenched random field on a continuous symmetry breaking transition: Nematic to smectic-A transition in octyloxycyanobiphenyl-aerosil dispersions
2003: High-resolution x-ray study of the nematic-smectic-A and smectic-A-smectic-C transitions in liquid-crystal-aerosil gels
2003: Smectic ordering in liquid-crystal-aerosil dispersions. I. X-ray scattering
2004: Critical linear thermal expansion in the smectic-A phase near the nematic-smectic phase transition
2004: First-order isotropic-smectic-A transition in liquid-crystal-aerosil gels
2009: Effect of Aerosil Gels on de Gennes Nematic-Smectic Coupling


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