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Garcia-Celma, M.J.


Azemar, N.;   Comelles, F.;   El Azzaoui, B.;   Essassi, E.M.;   Gode, P.;   Goethals, G.;   Gutierrez, J.M.;   Lakhrissl, B.;   Massoui, M.;   Morales, D.;   Nabil, A.;   Olsson, U.;   Sadurni, N.;   Solans, C.;   Solans, Y.C.;   Villa, P.

Publication Titles

2000: Synthesis and properties of new bolaamphiphile compounds as bis-benzimidazoloneglucopyranosyl derivatives
2003: A Study of the Relation between Bicontinuous Microemulsions and Oil/Water Nano-emulsion Formation
2006: Oil/Water Droplet Formation by Temperature Change in the Water/C16E6/Mineral Oil System

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