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Ganzke, Dirk

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Ganzke, D.


Blinov, Lev M.;   Dultz, Wolfgang;   Haase, W.;   Haase, Wolfgang;   Kasano, M.;   Kasano, Masahiro;   Kitasho, T.;   Ozaki, M.;   Ozaki, Masanori;   Palto, S.;   Pozhidaev, E.;   Pozhidaev, E.P.;   Pozhidaev, Eugene;   Pozhidayev, E.;   Weyrauch, Thomas;   Wróbel, S.;   Yoshino, K.;   Yoshino, Katsumi

Publication Titles

1999: Determination of Landau coefficients in the smectic A phase of ferroelectric liquid crystals from automatic measurements of the capacitance current and electroclinic response
1999: Ferroelectric liquid crystals for non-display applications
1999: Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
2001: Methods and apparatus for the temperature-independent operation of electrooptical switches employing ferroelectric liquid crystals with distorted helix ferroelectric modes
2002: Mirrorless Lasing in a Dye-Doped Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
2002: Study of High Frequency Relaxation Processes on Homologous 4,4'-Dialkyl-[CIS(Trans)]-[1,1'Bicyclohexyl]-4- Carbonitriles (CCN'S) with Negative Dielectric Anisotropy
2003: Electrically tunable waveguide laser based on ferroelectric liquid crystal
2003: Electro-Tunable Liquid-Crystal Laser
2004: Dielectric Studies of Bicyclohexylcarbonitrile Nematogens with Large Negative Dielectric Anisotropy


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US 6900874 B1 (2005/05/31)

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