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Gacs-Baitz, E.

Alternative Writings

Gács-Baitz, E.

Similar Names

Gacs-Baitz, Eszter;   Gasc-Baitz, E.;   Gács-Baitz, Eszter


Bata, L.;   Catalano, D.;   Catalano, Donata;   Chiellini, Emo;   Chien, L.-C.;   Chiezzi, L.;   Cifelli, M.;   Diele, Siegmar;   Dobo, A.;   Dobó, A.;   Eremin, A.;   Fodor-Csorba, Katalin;   Galli, Giancarlo;   Geppi, M.;   Holly, S.;   Jeon, Y.-J.;   Jákli, Antal;   Kresse, H.;   Lee, J.-C.;   Nádasi, H.;   Paksi, T.;   Pelzl, G.;   Schmalfuss, H.;   Szabo, E.;   Ujszaszy, K.;   Vajda, A.;   Veracini, C.A.;   Veracini, Carlo Alberto;   Weissflog, W.;   Wirth, I.

Publication Titles

1992: Deuterium Labelled Liquid Crystalline Compounds
1995: Synthesis of liquid crystals containing chlorine on the chiral center
1997: Phase Transition Studies on Liquid Crystal Composite Systems
1998: Chemical processes in liquid crystal composite systems containing cholesteryl propionate
1998: Preparation and investigation of thermotropic liquid crystals labeled by stable isotopes. I. Preparation of 4'-n-heptyl-4-biphenylcarboxylic acid-d12
1998: Synthesis and SmC* properties of chiral liquid crystalline terephthalates
1999: Partially deuterated side-chain liquid crystalline monomers and polymers: characterization and order by 2H NMR
2000: Microscopic organization and tilt angle in smectic A and chiral smectic C phases: characterization and orientational order by 2H NMR and electric polarization measurements
2002: Structural characterization of the new polymorphic mesophases formed by bent-core molecules


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Eur. Conf. Liq. Cryst., Zakopane, 1997, A
Liq. Cryst., 24, 861
Liq. Cryst., 29, 775
Magy. Kem. Foly., 104, 349
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. A, 265, 97
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Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. A, 351, 245
Proc. SPIE-Int. Soc. Opt. Eng., 3319, 191

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