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Fung, B.M.

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Fung, Bing M.;   Fung, Bing-Man


Afzal, Jalees;   Alcock, Martha M.;   Balakrishnan, N.S.;   Bayle, J.P.;   Bayle, Jean Pierre;   Bayle, Jean-Pierre;   Berdague, P.;   Betterton, K.;   Bhatt, J.;   Bhatt, J.C.;   Bock, E.;   Bonnell, Israel R.;   Brown, Tommy A.;   Bräuniger, Thomas;   Bui, Chuong V.;   Canlet, C.;   Canlet, Cecile;   Chau, Mei-Hing;   Chen, S.-M.;   Cheung, W.S.;   Cheung, Wing Shun;   Clark, Noel A.;   Courtieu, J.;   Cross, C.W.;   Cross, Collin W.;   Diep, Tuan A.D.;   Dollase, Thilo;   Dong, R.Y.;   Emsley, James W.;   Enwall, Eric L.;   Ermakov, V.L.;   Ermakov, Vladimir L.;   Ermolaev, Konstantin;   Forster, P.;   Foss, Tina L.;   Frech, C.B.;   Frech, Cheryl Baldwin;   Gangoda, Mahinda;   Genetti, W.B.;   Gerace, M.J.;   Gerace, Michael J.;   Grady, B.P.;   Grula, E.A.;   Guo, Wen;   Heaton, N.J.;   Ho, M.-S.;   Ho, Mei-Sing;   Hsu, C.-S.;   Jackson, Daniel P.;   Johnson, John H.;   Judeinstein, P.;   Judeinstein, Patrick;   Keast, Sandra S.;   Khan, Masood A.;   Khitrin, A.K.;   Khitrin, Anatoly K.;   Kim, J.;   Kong, C.F.;   Lackner, A.M.;   Li, Zhong;   Lim, K.C.;   Lohman, M.;   Luckhurst, Geoffrey R.;   Magnuson, Matthew L.;   Margerum, J.D.;   Martin, T.H.;   Martin, Thomas H.;   Mui, David S.L.;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Newman, J.K.;   Nicholas, K.M.;   Nicholas, Kenneth M.;   O'Rear, E.A.;   Orwoll, Richard D.;   Parhami, Pejman;   Perez, F.;   Perez, Felix;   Pham, Son C.;   Poon, C.-D.;   Poon, C.D.;   Poon, Chi-Duen;   Rapp, Almut;   Reddy, Ven B.;   Reimer, Dirk;   Richter, Wolfgang;   Roth, M.D.;   Roussel, F.;   Roussel, Frederick;   Schadt, M.;   Schadt, Martin;   Shao, R.-F.;   Sherman, E.;   Sigh, Robert V.;   Sun, H.;   Sun, Hong;   Tan, C.;   Tan, Chi-Bing;   Tanner, Laura F.;   Thomas, Leon;   Tomchuk, E.;   Tong, T.-H.;   Tong, Tat-Hung;   Tsai, K.T.;   Twieg, R.J.;   Visintainer, J.J.;   Vohra, Rohini T.;   Vu, C.;   Wachtel, Ellen;   Wade, Charles G.;   Wade, Chas.G.;   Walba, David M.;   Wand, Michael;   Wie, J.Y.;   Wooldridge, Catherine M.;   Wu, Shin-Tson;   Ye, Hongwei;   Yu, Youlu

Publication Titles

1970: Nitrogen-14 NMR and quadrupole coupling constants in liquid crystalline poly-.gamma.-benzyl-L-glutamate solutions
1970: Proton NMDR (nuclear magnetic double resonance] in a liquid-crystal solution
1970: Proton and deuteron magnetic resonance of phenylsilane-d3, phenylphosphine-d2, and benzenethiol-d in liquid crystal solutions
1973: Magnetic relaxation of poly(-.gamma.-benzyl-L-glutamate) solutions in deuterochloroform
1974: Magnetic relaxation and quadrupole splitting for liquid crystalline solutions of poly(.gamma.-benzyl-L-glutamate) in chloroform-d and dichloromethane-d2
1974: Reorientation of a thermotropic liquid crystal in a magnetic field as studied by Fourier transform NMR
1975: Deuteron relaxation in liquid crystals. Di-n-alkoxyazoxybenzenes, n = 1,7
1975: Magnetic relaxation in the lecithin-water-d2 system
1976: Frequency dependence of proton relaxation in liquid crystals
1976: Proton spin relaxation in methyl deuterated para-azoxyanisole
1978: Magnetic relaxation of small molecules in ordered fluids and liquid crystals
1979: The motion of aromatic molecules in bile acid micelles
1983: Carbon-13 NMR study of liquid crystal solutions
1983: Carbon-13 NMR study of liquid crystal solutions. Chemical shift tensors in benzonitrile
1983: Proton, phosphorus-31, and carbon-13 NMR study of phenylphosphonic dichloride in liquid crystal solution
1984: Carbon - 13 NMR in liquid-crystal solutions. Hindered rotation in 4-(dimethylamino)pyrimidine
1984: Carbon-13 chemical shift tensors of halobenzenes
1984: Evaluation of broadband decoupling sequences applied to liquid crystal solutions
1985: An unusual phase of some thermotropic liquid crystals. A carbon-13 NMR study
1985: Carbon-13 NMR of nematic and smectic liquid crystals with magic-angle spinning
1985: Carbon-13 chemical shift anisotropies of pyridine and diazines
1985: Devices for phase-alternated decoupling in liquids, liquid crystals, and solids
1985: Interaction between perfluoro chemicals and phosphatidylcholine vesicles
1985: The measurement of carbon-13 chemical-shift anisotropy using several liquid-crystal solvents
1986: Carbon-13 NMR in liquid crystals with the removal of proton-proton dipolar couplings
1986: Carbon-13 NMR of liquid crystal solutions with magic-angle spinning. Hindered rotation in 6-(dialkylamino)fulvenes
1986: Carbon-13 NMR of liquid crystals. Spinning near the magic angle with proton-proton dipolar decoupling
1986: Nematic and smectic ordering of 4-n-octyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl studied by carbon-13 NMR
1986: Nematic ordering of 4-n-alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyls studied by carbon-13 NMR with off-magic-angle spinning
1987: The potential of mean torque for flexible mesogenic molecules. Determination of the interaction parameters from carbon-hydrogen dipolar couplings for 4-n-alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyls
1988: Chain ordering in cyanobiphenyls and cyanophenylcyclohexanes
1988: Complete carbon-13 and proton NMR assignments for two mesogenic series containing cyclohexyl rings
1988: Deuterium NMR of liquid crystal solutions with proton-proton dipolar decoupling
1988: Novel ferrocene diesters with liquid-crystal properties
1988: Orientational ordering of 4-alkyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyls studied by 2-dimensional carbon-13 NMR
1988: Orientational ordering of 4-substituted phenylcyclohexanes studied by carbon-13 two-dimensional NMR
1989: Carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance of ferroelectric liquid crystals with off-magic-angle spinning
1989: Liquid crystals containing a cyclohexene ring
1989: Orientational ordering of a ferroelectric liquid crystal with high spontaneous polarization
1989: Orientational ordering of phenylcyclohexane-based liquid crystals determined from carbon-13 2D NMR spectroscopy
1989: X-ray diffraction studies of mesomorphic ferrocene diesters
1990: Orientational ordering in the nematic phase of 4-alkenyl-substituted bicyclohexylnitriles
1990: Orientational ordering of ferroelectric thiobenzoate liquid crystals
1990: The effect of radiofrequency heating in carbon-13 NMR studies of liquid crystals
1991: Determination of the order parameters of liquid crystals from carbon-13 chemical shifts
1991: Liquid crystals with a chiral core: cyclohexene carboxylates
1991: Micelles and aggregates of fluorinated surfactants
1991: The effect of solutes on the orientational ordering of liquid-crystalline solvents
1992: Study of Phase Transitions in 4-n-Alkoxybenzilidene-4'-n-Alkylanilines by One and Two Dimensional C-13 NMR
1992: Synthesis and thermal properties of mesomorphic 1,1'-bis[.omega.-(4'-cyano-4-biphenyloxy)alkyl]ferrocenes
1993: A study of ferroelectric liquid crystals by one and two dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance
1993: Determination of the orientational ordering of 4'-cyanophenyl-4-alkylbenzoates by carbon-13 NMR
1993: Measurement of the cross relaxation rate for a polymer dispersed liquid crystal system
1993: Nematic compounds containing a four-unit linking group and the order parameters of the mesogenic core
1993: New laterally aromatic branched liquid crystal materials with large nematic ranges
1993: Nitrophenyl liquid crystals with intramolecular hydrogen-bonding in the mesogenic core
1993: Order parameters of the mesogenic core in two nematic liquid crystals containing a four-unit link
1993: Study of phase transitions in 4-n-alkoxybenzylidene-4'-alkylanilines by one and two dimensional carbon-13
1994: A simplified approach to molecular dynamics simulations of liquid crystals with atom–atom potentials
1994: Determination of order parameters from carbon-fluorine dipolar couplings
1994: The reorientational behavior of nematic and smectic liquid crystals in a magnetic field
1994: Variable angle sample spinning NMR in liquid crystals
1995: High birefringent liquid crystals
1995: Influence of a lateral aliphatic chain on the ordering in some nematic compounds
1995: Molecular dynamics simulations for cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals
1995: On the temperature dependence of the order parameter of liquid crystals over a wide nematic range
1995: Orientational ordering of liquid crystals containing a difluoro-substituted phenyl ring
1995: Relation between the orientation ordering and the tricritical behavior for smectic-A to smectic-C phase transition
1995: Tricritical points of smectic A to nematic phase transitions for binary liquid crystal mixtures containing cyanobiphenyls
1996: Dual alignment of liquid crystals under non-equilibrium conditions
1996: Effect of a dimethyl substitution on the ordering of four isomeric nematogens
1996: Tricritical behavior of the smectic A to smectic C* transition for binary liquid crystal mixtures
1997: A database for the determination of orientational ordering of nine classes of liquid crystals using carbon-13 chemical shifts
1997: A liquid crystal based polymer for applications in MMW modulation devices
1997: A study of the order parameters of two liquid crystals by one and two dimensional C-13 NMR
1997: Highly conjugated 4-ring nematic liquid crystals with a lateral alkoxy branch
1997: Liquid crystalline and surfactant properties of alkyl pyridinium salts
1997: The effect of a lateral aromatic branch on the orientational ordering of laterally alkoxy substituted nematics
1998: An efficient broadband decoupling sequence for liquid crystals
1998: The effect of acquisition delay on single- and multiple-quantum proton NMR spectra of liquid crystals
1999: 13C NMR of Liquid Crystals with Different Proton Homonuclear Dipolar Decoupling Methods
1999: Comment on "Monte Carlo simulations of smectic phase transitions in flexible-rigid-flexible molecules"
1999: Proton polarization transfer in a ring system
1999: The Alignment of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals Formed by Hexadecyltrimethylammonium Bromide in D2O in a Magnetic Field
2000: An Improved Broadband Decoupling Sequence for Liquid Crystals and Solids
2000: Determination of Long-Range Dipolar Couplings Using Mono-Deuterated Liquid Crystals
2000: Diazo liquid crystals for potential infrared applications
2000: Nuclear magnetic resonance quantum logic gates using quadrupolar nuclei
2000: Orientational ordering of a nematic liquid crystal and its mixture with its chain-perfluorinated analogue
2001: A Multinuclei NMR Study of Dilute Lamellar Liquid Crystals
2001: Birefringence and dichroism of oriented epoxy thermoset films
2001: Determination of long range dipolar couplings in ferroelectric liquid crystals
2001: Liquid crystal mixtures for potential infrared applications
2001: Organic Aerogels with Very High Impact Strength
2001: Orientational ordering in the nematic phase of 4-alkyl-4'-cyanobicyclohexanes
2002: Information storage using a cluster of dipolar-coupled spins
2002: NMR Implementation of a Parallel Search Algorithm
2003: A practical liquid crystal mixture for IR applications
2003: A study of long range dipolar coupling constants in 4'-pentyloxy-4-biphenylcarbonitrile (5OCB)
2003: Determination of Bond Distances and Bond Angles in a Liquid Crystal with Hydrogen Bonding
2003: Determination of Long-Range 13C-13C Dipolar Couplings Using a 13C Labeled Liquid Crystal
2004: Coherent response signals of dipolar-coupled spin systems


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