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Fünfschilling, Jürg

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Fuenfschilling, Juerg;   Funfschilling, Jurg;   Fünfschilling, J.


Barnik, M.I.;   Belayev, S.V.;   Benecke, C.;   Beresnev, L.A.;   Buchecker, Richard;   Chen, X.-H.;   Chen, Xin-Hua;   Chigrinov, V.G.;   Dergachev, D.I.;   Friedrichsen, Willy;   Grütter, P.;   Güntherodt, H.-J.;   Herr, R.-P.;   Herr, R.P.;   Herr, Rolf Peter;   Kelly, Stephen M.;   Leenhouts, F.;   Lupfert, Sandra;   Malimoneko, N.V.;   Marck, Guy;   Ohlemacher, Angela;   Pozhidaev, E.P.;   Rüetschi, M.;   Schadt, M.;   Schadt, Martin;   Schmitt, K.;   Schmitt, Klaus;   Stalder, M.;   Stalder, Martin;   Villiger, A.;   Villiger, Alois

Publication Titles

1989: Deformed helix ferroelectric liquid crystal display: a new electrooptic mode in ferroelectric chiral smectic C liquid crystals
1989: Fast responding and highly multiplexible distorted helix ferroelectric liquid-crystal displays
1989: Ferroelectric smectic C liquid crystal mixtures: relationship between molecular structure, ferroelectricity and electrooptic response
1990: Large Aperture Polarized Light Source and Novel Liquid Crystal Display Operating Modes
1990: New liquid crystal polarized color projection principle
1990: Some new .alpha.-fluoro esters incorporating a cyclohexane ring as chiral dopants for ferroelectric mixtures
1991: Chiral dioxanes, liquid crystal mixtures containing them, and the use of the mixtures for optical or electrooptical applications
1991: Four unit linking groups. II. Some novel smectic C materials
1991: Liquid crystals and liquid crystal displays
1991: New Mixtures for Ferroelectric Applications
1991: New short-pitch bistable ferroelectric (SBF) liquid crystal displays
1991: Some Novel Smectic C Materials Incorporating Four-Unit-Linking Groups
1991: “New Short-Pitch Bistable Ferroelectric (SBF) Liquid Crystal Displays”
1992: Alkanoic Acid 4-(5-n-Alkyl-2-Pyridinyl)Phenyl Esters: Some Novel Smectic Materials for Display Devices
1992: Alkenyloxyphenylpyrimidines and liquid - crystal mixtures containing them
1992: Multiplexing Behavior and gray Scale Capability of short Pitch Bistable Ferroelectric (SBF) Liquid Crystal Displays
1992: New optically active dopants based on chiral dioxanes
1992: Optical element for generating short-wave laser light
1992: Some 4-(5-alkyl-2-pyridinyl)phenyl alkanoates and their use in liquid crystals
1992: Strongly Nonlinear Optical Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals for Frequency Doubling
1992: The Influence of Double Bonds in the Side Chain of 2-Ring Compounds on the Physical Properties of S*C-Mixtures
1992: The efficient optics of liquid crystal polarized color projection
1993: 2-[4-(n-Alkyl)phenyl]-5-(n-alkenyloxy)pyrimidines: Synthesis, Liquid Crystal Transition Temperature and Some Physical Properties.
1993: 4-(5-Alkyl-2-pyridinyl)phenyl alkanoates: some novel smectic materials for display devices
1993: Liquid-crystal transition temperatures and physical properties of some new alkenyl-substituted phenylpyrimidine and phenylpyridine esters
1993: Smectic C phenylpyridines with an alkenyloxy chain
1993: Strongly nonlinear optical ferroelectric liquid crystals for frequency doubling
1993: The influence of double bonds in the terminal chain of 2-ring compounds on the physical properties of SC* mixtures
1994: .alpha.-Fluoro esters incorporating a cyclohexane ring: some new chiral dopants for ferroelectric mixtures
1994: 2-(4-alkylphenyl)-5-(alkenyloxy)pyrimidines: synthesis, liquid crystal transition temperatures and some physical properties
1994: Creation of Liquid Crystal Waveguides with Scanning Force Microscopy
1994: Efficient nonlinear optical ferroelectric liquid crystals for integrated optics devices
1994: Influence of Outboard Dipoles on Smectic C Formation in Cyclohexyl-Phenyl-Pyrimidines
1994: Physics and electronic model of deformed helix ferroelectric liquid crystal displays
1994: Synthesis, transition temperatures, some physical properties and the influence of linkages, outboard dipoles and double bonds on smectic C formation in cyclohexylphenylpyrimidines
1995: Alkyl/alkenyloxy phenyl/biphenylpyrimidines: dependence of the liquid crystal transition temperatures on the position of the nitrogen atoms and the position and configuration of carbon-carbon double bonds
1995: Patterning of liquid crystal waveguides with the scanning force microscope
1995: Synthesis, transition temperatures and some physical properties of some low-melting smectic C materials
1995: Three-ring phenyl/biphenylpyrimidine esters: dependence of liquid-crystal transition temperatures and other physical properties on the position of the nitrogen atoms and the double-bond configuration
1996: An investigation of the dependence on the position and type of dipoles and chain configuration on the smectic mesomorphism of a model biphenyl/phenylpyridine/phenylpyrimidine system
1996: Creation of submicron orientational structures in thin liquid crystal polymer layers
1996: Novel 2-(4-octylphenyl)pyridin-5-yl alkanoates and alkenoates: influence of dipoles and chain conformation on smectic C formation
1996: Performance of Conventional and Novel Deformed Helix Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display Operating Modes
1997: Ferroelectric liquid crystal display with improved wide viewing angles
1997: Imidazothiazole derivatives as components of liquid crystal mixtures
1997: Novel dopants for ferroelectric mixtures incorporating chiral dioxane or tetrahydropyrane rings
1997: Optically active bis-methyldioxane derivatives and liquid -crystal mixtures and electrooptical devices using them
1998: Bistable ferroelectric liquid crystal cell
1998: Cyclopentane derivatives and liquid - crystal mixtures and electrooptical devices using them
1998: Ferroelectric liquid crystal cell
1998: New ferroelectric displays and operation modes
2000: Liquid crystal compound for electrooptical display device
2000: Orientation layer for liquid-crystal display device
2000: Photo-aligned orientation layers for ferroelectric LCD's


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