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Fryer, Peter M.

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Fryer, P.M.


Andry, Paul A.;   Batey, John;   Breen, Tricia L.;   Colgan, E.;   Delamarche, Emmanuel;   Flake, John C.;   Galligan, E.;   Geissler, Matthias;   Graham, W.;   Graham, William S.;   Horton, R.;   Jenkins, L.;   John, R.;   Kuo, Y.;   Latzko, K.;   Libsch, F.;   Lien, A.;   Michel, Bruno;   Nunes, Ronald W.;   Nywening, R.;   O'Sullivan, Eugene J.;   Polastre, R.;   Rothwell, M.E.;   Rothwell, Mary E.;   Schmid, Heinz;   Souk, Jun-Hyung;   Vichiconti, James;   Wilson, J.;   Wisnieff, R.;   Wisnieff, Robert L.;   Wolf, Heiko;   Wright, S.

Publication Titles

1998: High conductivity gate metallurgy for TFT/LCD's
1998: Passivation of metal with ammonia-free silicon nitride and application to TFT/LCD
1999: High conductivity gate metallurgy for TFT/LCD's
2002: Patterning Indium Tin Oxide and Indium Zinc Oxide Using Microcontact Printing and Wet Etching
2003: Electroless Deposition of NiB on 15 Inch Glass Substrates for the Fabrication of Transistor Gates for Liquid Crystal Displays


Langmuir, 18, 194
Langmuir, 19, 5923
Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., 507, 37
Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., 508, 37
US 5.831.283 (1998/11/03)

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