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Fried, F.


Ambrosino, S.;   Brot, C.;   Dayan, S.;   Gilli, G.M.;   Gilli, J.M.;   Godinho, M.H.;   Khallala, T.;   Lansac, Y.;   Leal, C.R.;   Maissa, P.;   Martins, A.F.;   Seurin, M.J.;   Sixou, P.;   Thiberge, S.;   Vellutini, M.J.;   Vierheilig, A.;   ten Bosch, A.

Publication Titles

1971: Etude du Mouvement Reorientationnel du p-Dioxane Solide par Résonance Magnétique Nucléaire
1976: Study of molecular movements of furan in liquid and plastic phases by nuclear magnetic relaxation
1982: Orientational order in mesomorphic cellulose solutions
1983: Liquid crystalline polymer solutions and mixtures
1983: NMR study of mesomorphic solutions of cellulose derivatives
1983: The cholesteric pitch in lyotropic solutions of a semi-rigid macromolecule: hydroxypropylcellulose
1984: Effects of intrinsic nature and specific interations of solvents on the properties of lyotropic mesophases of hydropropylcellulose
1984: Lyotropic mesophases of hydroxypropyl cellulose in pure acetic acid, in water, and in mixed solvents
1985: Liquid crystalline polymer solutions and mixtures
1987: Mixtures of two mesomorphic cellulosic polymers
1988: "Bands" and "torsads" textures in films and threads of hydroxypropyl cellulose
1994: The first normal stress difference and viscosity in shear of liquid crystalline solutions of hydroxypropyl cellulose: new experimental data and theory
1995: Aging effects on the rheology of LC solutions of hydroxypropylcellulose
1995: Dynamics of phase separation in mesomorphic mixtures
1995: Phase transition and defects in a thin nematic film
1996: Mean-field theory for the phase transitions of nematic polymers in a magnetic field: application to magnetic birefringence
1997: Inversion walls in homeotropic nematic and cholesteric layers
2001: The influence of polymer molecular weight on the first normal-stress difference and shear-viscosity of LC solutions of hydroxypropylcellulose


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