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Abramowitz, Robert;   Ahmad, Faujan B.H.;   Ahmed, Ahsan U.;   Aikens, P.A.;   Aikens, Patricia A.;   Al-Bawab, Abeer;   Amran, A.;   Amran, Ali;   Amsberry, Kent L.;   Andersen, O. Moksheim;   Angie, J.E.;   Barber, Jennifer L.;   Bechthold, Nina;   Bell, A.;   Benchaita, M.T.;   Benton, Marcel;   Benton, W.;   Beyermann, Jochen;   Blokhus, A.M.;   Blokhus, Anne Marit;   Blum, Frank D.;   Blute, Irena;   Boselli, V.;   Brancewicz, Chris;   Breton, Marcel;   Breton, Marcel P.;   Brin, A.;   Brin, Andre-Jean;   Campbell, G.;   Campbell, Gregory A.;   Chattopadhyay, A.K.;   Chattopadhyay, Arun K.;   Chittofrati, A.;   Chiu, M.;   Chiu, Miin;   Christenson, Hugo;   Compo, Mary E.;   Cox, J. Mark;   Dai, Le-Rong;   El-Nokaly, M.;   El-Nokaly, Magda;   El-Nokaly, Magda A.;   Elnokaly, Magda;   Fang, Jia Hwa;   Fei, L.;   Fei, Lin;   Flaim, T.;   Flaim, Tony;   Force, C.G.;   Ford, Larry D.;   Fördedal, Harald;   Gagnon, Yvan;   Ghaicha, L.;   Greene, Bettye;   Greenshields, James N.;   Gunsel, Selda;   Guo, Rong;   Hall, Larry;   Hasinovic, H.;   Hasinovic, Hida;   Hedstrand, David M.;   Heuser, J.;   Holbrey, John D.;   Horvath-Szabo, Geza;   Huang, T.;   Huang, Tian;   Jaeger, W.;   Jaeger, Werner;   Kayali, I.;   Kayali, Ibrahim;   Kayali, Ibrahim H.;   Kim, Myung-Soo;   Knight, J.;   Kosmella, Sabine;   Kunieda, Hironobu;   Kötz, Joachim;   Landeryou, Victor;   Langlois, Bruno R.C.;   Larsen, D.W.;   Larsen, David W.;   Lee, H.S.;   Li, Fang;   Li, Gan-Zuo;   Liang, P.;   Liang, Paul;   Liang, Y.C.;   Liang, Yuh-Chirn;   Lindstrom, Anna L.;   Lockwood, F.E.;   Lockwood, Frances E.;   Lockwood, Francis E.;   Ma, Z.;   Ma, Zhuning;   Mackay, R.A.;   Mackay, Raymond A.;   Mackay, Raymond E.;   Moaddel, T.;   Moaddel, Teanoosh;   Moffett, Thomas;   Morris, Ken;   Morris, Kenneth R.;   Morrison, David S.;   Mortensen, Marta;   Moucharafieh, Nadim;   Neogi, Parthasakha;   Nikolov, Alex D.;   Oh, S.G.;   Oliver, John;   Oliver, John F.;   Osborne, D.W.;   Osborne, David W.;   Patel, R.;   Patel, Ramesh;   Pavel, Florentina;   Plummer, Patricia L.M.;   Podzimek, Miroslava;   Podzimék, M.;   Rananavare, S.B.;   Rananavare, Shankar B.;   Rhein, Linda;   Rhein, Linda D.;   Rong, G.;   Rong, Guo;   Ruppelt, D.;   Ruths, M.;   Saeten, Jens Olav;   Sagitani, H.;   Sandburg, Joel D.;   Schwarz, William M.;   Seddon, Kenneth R.;   Selle, Merete H.;   Simion, F.A.;   Sioeblom, Johan;   Sjöblom, J.;   Sjöblom, Johan;   Skodvin, Tore;   Smith, D.H.;   Solans, Concepcion;   Solans, Conxita;   Sprague, Estel D.;   Stary, Frank E.;   Stenius, Per;   Stoffer, James O.;   Suhaimi, Hamdan;   Suhery, T.;   Sun, W.M.;   Sun, Wei Mei;   Tadros, Maher;   Thundathil, Raju;   Tiersch, Brigitte;   Tomalia, Donald A.;   Torres, R.;   Uang, Yuh J.;   Uang, Yuh Jye;   Venable, Raymond L.;   Visca, M.;   Vona, S.A.;   Vona, Samuel A.;   Wahlgren, Sven;   Wang, Jiun Fang;   Ward, A.J.I.;   Ward, Anthony J.;   Ward, Anthony J.I.;   Wasan, Darsh T.;   Winer, W.O.;   Winoto, S.H.;   Wohn, C.S.;   Wohn, Chang Sup;   Wong, Raymond;   Wong, Raymond W.;   Yang, Ching Chang;   Yang, Jiang;   Yang, Jun;   Yin, Q.;   Yin, Qi;   Young, Timothy;   Yu, Bing;   Yu, Wei-Li;   Zhang, Z.;   Zhang, Zhiqiang;   van Gilder, Ron

Publication Titles

1979: A first comparison between aqueous and nonaqueous lyotropic liquid crystalline systems
1979: Changed lyotropic liquid crystalline structure due to polymerization of the amphiphilic component
1979: Effects of solubilized hydrocarbons on the structure and the dislocation pattern in a lamellar liquid crystal
1980: Foaming of microemulsions. I. Microemulsions with ionic surfactants
1980: Mobility of solvent molecules in a nonaqueous lyotropic liquid crystal
1980: Polymerization in lyotropic liquid crystals. I. Change of structure during polymerization
1981: Conformation of the lecithin molecule with attached water molecules
1981: Stable foams from nonaqueous liquids
1981: The structure of lamellar lyotropic liquid crystals from lecithin and alkanediols
1982: Dynamics and structure of a lamellar lecithin/ethylene glycol liquid crystal
1982: Microemulsions and liquid crystals
1982: Nonaqueous lyotropic liquid crystals from lecithin and nonionic surfactants
1982: Surfactant/cosurfactant association and emulsion stability
1983: Hydrotropic function of a fatty dicarboxylic acid
1983: Phase equilibria in the system water-octyl sulfonate-DIACID (Westvaco) magnesium soap
1983: Structural changes induced by addition of a hydrocarbon to water/amphiphile mixtures
1984: A lamellar liquid crystal as an in situ surface balance. I. The conformation of 5- (and 6-)carboxy-4-hexyl-2-cyclohexene-1-yl octanoic acid and its monosoap
1984: A nonaqueous foam with excellent stability
1984: Alignment of a nonaqueous lyotropic liquid crystalline phase with lecithin
1984: Liquid crystals as a potential ointment vehicle
1984: Lyotropic liquid crystals from lecithin, water, and polyethylene glycol
1984: Molecular motion and phases in an equimolar phosphatidylcholine/ethylene glycol system
1984: Non-aqueous lyotropic liquid crystals
1984: Nonaqueous Lyotropic Liquid Crystals of Lecithin and Oligomers of Polyethylene Glycols
1984: Single compound forming a lyotropic liquid crystal at room temperature
1984: Solubilization in nonaqueous lyotropic liquid crystals
1984: Solubilization of calcium dodecyl sulfate in a micellar solution and in lamellar liquid crystal
1985: Dynamic structure of n-hexadecane solubilized in a nonionic surfactant bilayer measured by deuteron magnetic resonance
1985: Hydrocarbon extraction into surfactant phase with nonionic surfactants. I. Influence of phase equilibria for extraction kinetics
1985: Phase equilibria in water, pentanol, tetradecyltrialkylammonium bromide systems
1985: Small angle x-ray diffraction patterns of stratum corneum and a model structure for its lipids
1985: Structural considerations of lamellar liquid crystals containing large quantities of solubilized hydrocarbon alkanes
1985: The influence of solvent on nonaqueous lyotropic liquid crystalline phase formed by triethanolammonium oleate
1985: Three-component nonaqueous lyotropic liquid crystal
1986: A lamellar lipid crystal as an in situ surface balance. II. The conformation of 2-(alkanoyloxy)-1[(alkanoyloxy)methyl]ethyl 7-(4-heptyl-5,6-dicarboxy-2-cyclohexen-1-yl)heptanoate
1986: A non-aqueous lamellar liquid crystal with an ionic surfactant-long chain alcohol combination
1986: Foams from a three-phase emulsion
1986: Interaction of a model skin surface lipid with a modified triglyceride
1986: Phase equilibria and structures in the system glycerol, sodium dodecyl sulfate and decanol
1986: Solvation changes induced in a lyotropic lamellar liquid crystal containing solubilized benzene
1986: Solvent-solute interaction in an Lα phase formed with water, ethylene glycol and lecithin
1986: Stability of hydrophobic foams
1986: Surfactant association structures and the stability of emulsions and foams
1986: The effect of adsorption of liquid crystalline layers on the van der Waals interaction in foams
1986: Transient liquid crystals in a W/O microemulsion
1987: An NMR and x-ray study of a nonaqueous liquid crystal based on lecithin, water and ethylene glycol
1987: Dynamic structure of a nonaqueous lamellar liquid crystal: comparison with the aqueous case
1987: Foams from aqueous systems of polymerizable surfactants
1987: Interaction of a model epidermal lipid with a vegetable oil adduct
1987: Nonaqueous lyotropic liquid crystals from amphiphiles
1987: Phase equilibria in the glycerol-aerosol OT system with decanol or hydrocarbon
1987: Polymerization in nonaqueous lyotropic liquid crystals with a polymerizable solvent
1987: Solubilization in lyotropic liquid crystals
1987: Study of lyotropic liquid crystals in viscometric flow and elastohydrodynamic contact
1988: A nonaqueous lyotropic liquid crystal with a starburst dendrimer as a solvent
1988: Hydrotropes
1988: Observation of temporary liquid crystals in water-in-oil microemulsion systems
1988: Partial phase diagrams in the system water/formamide/sodium dodecyl sulfate/decanol
1988: Phase diagram of the system formamide-sodium dodecyl sulfate-decanol-toluene
1988: Temporary liquid crystals in microemulsion systems
1989: Carboxylic acid solutions in soap bilayers
1989: Foam stability in a glycerol system
1989: Microemulsion-based separations
1989: Mixed micelles of monoalkyl and trialkyl surfactants
1989: Preparing narrow size distribution particles from amphiphilic association structures
1989: The lamellar phase of the sodium dodecylsulfate/decanol/toluene/formamide system: NMR and phase studies of solubilization
1990: A nonaqueous microemulsion system of ethylene glycol, sodium dodecyl sulfate, toluene, and decanol
1990: Applications of amphiphilic association structures
1990: Direct role of linoleic acid in barrier function: effect of linoleic acid on the crystalline structure of oleic acid/oleate model stratum corneum lipid
1990: Film thickness and frictional behavior of some liquid crystals in concentrated point contacts
1990: Lyotropic liquid crystals in lubrication
1990: Micelles, microemulsions, liquid crystals, and the structure of stratum corneum lipids
1990: Molecular location in a nonaqueous lyotropic liquid-crystal polymer
1990: Surfactant association structures in the system water, sorbitol, sodium dodecyl sulfate, and hexanol
1990: Surfactants and cosurfactants in lamellar liquid crystals and adsorbed on solid surfaces. I. The model system sodium dodecyl sulfate/butanol or sodium dodecyl sulfate/benzyl alcohol and .alpha.-alumina
1991: A new method to prepare uniform particles; precipitation from lyotropic liquid crystals
1991: Lyotropic liquid crystals and the structural lipids of the stratum corneum
1992: A dielectric spectroscopy study of the system tetraoxyethylene dodecyl ether (C12EO4)/water/copper nitrate/cyclohexane
1992: A liquid crystal lubricant with partial polymerization
1992: Amphiphilic association structures and the microemulsion/gel method for ceramics: influence on original phase regions by hydrolysis and condensation of silicon tetraethoxide
1992: Amphiphilic association structures: some recent applications
1992: Deuterium NMR and low-angle x-ray studies of a polymerizable liquid crystalline system
1992: Foaming of surfactant combinations: sodium dodecyl sulfate and Igepal CO 210
1992: Hydrolysis of tetraethoxysilane in a liquid crystal , in a microemulsion and in a solution
1992: Solubilization of aluminum and calcium nitrates into w/o microemulsions and lyotropic liquid crystals stabilized by a nonionic surfactant
1992: Surfactant and cosurfactants in lamellar liquid crystals and adsorbed on solid surfaces. IV. The model system sodium p-octylbenzenesulfonate/ benzyl alcohol and .alpha.-alumina
1992: The lamellar liquid crystal in the water, non-ionic surfactant and copper nitrate system
1993: Copolymerization in a nonaqueous lyotropic liquid crystal
1993: Polymerization in nonaqueous lyotropic liquid crystals: Influence of the unsaturation site
1993: Some anomalies between the surfactants comprising linear and branched hydrocarbon chains
1994: A Four-Component Phase Diagram
1994: A lamellar liquid crystal with fosinopril sodium
1994: Association Structures in Water, Poly(sodium undecanoate), and Decanol
1994: Hydrolysis and condensation of octyltrimethoxysilane in nonionic liquid crystals
1994: Lamellar liquid crystals of zwitterionic surfactants with hydrocarbon and polyisobutylene chains
1994: Perfluoropolyether ammonium carboxylates: SAXRD study of lamellar liquid-crystals in water and formamide
1995: Curcumin In a Model Skin Lotion Formulation
1995: Evaporation from a microemulsion in the water-Aerosol OT-cyclohexanone system
1995: Microemulsions and liquid crystals with white oil
1995: Phase equilibria and evaporation rates in a four-component emulsion
1995: Solubilization of vitamin E acetate in a lamellar liquid crystal
1995: Temporary phase behavior of a system containing di(hydrogenated tallow-alkyl) dimethyl ammonium chloride-water-hexane
1995: The effects of alcohol with different chain length on the phase equilibria of nonionic surfactant system
1996: Amphiphilic association structures in the system water, vitamin E, lecithin, and Phosal 75 SA
1996: Complex Lamellar Structure of Polyoxyethylene 20 Sorbitan Oleate and a Fatty Acid/Lecithin Lamellar Liquid Crystal
1996: Effect of surfactant concentration on dispersion stability as probed by the film thickness stability mechanism
1996: Interactions of polyelectrolytes with the lyotropic liquid crystalline system Na-dodecyl sulfate/decanol/water
1996: Interactions of polyelectrolytes with the lyotropic liquid crystalline system hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide/decanol/water
1996: Liquid-crystalline microemulsion thermal jet-printing inks
1996: Polyelectrolyte synthesis in a lamellar liquid crystal
1996: Solubilization of dye in lamellar liquid crystal of system igepal CO-610 and H2O
1996: The coupling action of a hydrotrope and structure transition from lamellar liquid crystal to bicontinuous microemulsion
1996: The effect of n-decanol on solubilization of water-in-oil microemulsions and stability of lamellar liquid crystals of alkylphenol ethoxylates
1996: Vapor pressure of phenethyl alcohol in the system with water, and polyoxyethylene, 4, lauryl ether (Brij 30)
1997: Influence of cationic polyelectrolytes on structure formation in lamellar liquid crystalline systems
1997: Liquid crystalline ink compositions and printing even on plain paper
1997: Vapor pressure of phenethyl acetate in the system with water, and polyoxyethylene, 4, lauryl ether
1997: Vapor pressures of organic solvents in amphiphilic association systems
1998: Formation kinetics and stability of surfactant vesicles
1998: Formation kinetics of an emulsion in the system water, didodecyldimethylammonium bromide, and sodium xylenesulfonate
1998: Kinetics of formation of structures in a three-phase system water/lamellar liquid crystal /water-in-oil microemulsion after shear
1998: Location of fragrance molecules within lamellar liquid crystals
1998: Phase equilibria in the systems of acetic and glycolic acid with water and Laureth 4
1998: Vapor pressures of phenethyl alcohol and limonene in systems with water and laureth 4
1999: Hydrotrope action of vitamin C (VC) and its application in a sunscreen
1999: Influence of charge density of anionic polyelectrolytes on structure formation in liquid crystalline systems
1999: Phase behavior of a fragrance compound system: water-phenethyl alcohol-Laureth 4-glycerol
1999: Polymeric surfactants based on oleic acid. II. Copolymerization of sodium acrylamidostearate and 10-undecen-1-ol in a lamellar liquid crystal
1999: Polymeric surfactants based on oleic acid. III. Copolymerization of sodium acrylamidostearate and oleic acid in a lamellar liquid crystal
1999: Stability factors and vapor pressures in a model fragrance emulsion system
1999: Structure Formation in Polymer-Modified Liquid Crystals
1999: The system water-ethanol-didodecyldimethylammonium bromide. Phase equilibria and vapor pressures
2000: Polyglyceryl oleate surfactants and the stratum corneum lipid
2000: Solubilization of an ionic liquid, 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate, in a surfactant-water system
2000: Vapor pressures of phenethyl alcohol in the system water-phenethyl alcohol and the triblock copolymer EO4.5PO4.5EO4.5
2001: Interpretation of the Activity of a Hydrotrope in Lecithin/Sodium Xylenesulfonate/Water Microemulsions
2009: Phase Diagram Approach to Evaporation from Emulsions with n Oil Compounds


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