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Frey, Margaret W.

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Frey, M.W.


Carranco, Kristen;   Chan, Hester;   Ciferri, Alberto;   Cuculo, John A.;   Khan, Saad A.;   Spontak, Richard J.;   Theil, Michael H.

Publication Titles

1995: A review of lattice theory for lyotropic liquid crystalline polymers, spinodal decomposition, and gel formation
1996: Morphological characteristics of the lyotropic and gel phases in the cellulose/NH3/NH4SCN system
1996: Rheology and gelation of cellulose/ammonia/ammonium thiocyanate solutions
1997: Morphological and rheological analyses of the gel phase in the cellulose/NH3/NH4SCN system
2005: Rheology of cellulose/KSCN/ethylenediamine solutions and coagulation into filaments and films


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