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Franses, Elias I.

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Franses, E.I.;   Franses, Elias


Blum, Frank D.;   Bryant, Robert G.;   Casillas, Norberto;   Hart, Timothy J.;   Kamrath, Robert F.;   Lim, Kyung Hee;   Miller, Wilmer G.;   Olayo, Roberto;   Puig, Jorge E.;   Rose, Kenneth D.;   Schulz, Pablo C.;   Soltero, J.F.A.;   Torres, Luis A.;   Wen, Xinyun

Publication Titles

1982: Relation of phase behavior to interfacial tensions of mixed surfactant systems
1983: Thermodynamics of mixed micellization. Pseudo-phase separation models
1986: Electrical and optical properties of aqueous dispersions of lyotropic liquid crystallites and vesicles
1987: Structure and dynamics in lamellar liquid crystals. Effect of agitation and aging on deuterium NMR line shapes
1989: State of water and surfactant in lyotropic liquid crystals
1996: The state of water and surfactant in surfactant-based lyotropic liquid crystals
2001: Role of Subsurface Particulates on the Dynamic Adsorption of Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine at the Air/Water Interface


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