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Fracasso, B.


Ambs, P.;   Ambs, Pierre;   Berthele, P.;   Birch, M.;   Crossland, W.A.;   Gros, E.;   Heggarty, K.;   Kohler, A.;   Krüerke, Daniel;   Letort, C.;   Uche, C.;   Wilkinson, T.D.;   de Bougrenet de la Tocnaye, J.-L.;   de Bougrenet de la Tocnaye, Jean-Louis M.

Publication Titles

1990: Recording reconfigurable binary computer-generated holograms on bistable optically addressed ferroelectric liquid-crystal spatial light modulators
1991: Joint transform correlator using nonlinear ferroelectric liquid-crystal spatial light modulator
1998: Efficient beam steering in the 1.55 micron window using large-tilt FLC one-dimensional array
2002: Development of Large Capacity and Low-Crosstalk Holographic Switches Using LCOS Spatial Light Modulators
2004: Silicon Backplane Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator for Uses Within an Optical Telecommunications Environment


Ferroelectrics, 214, 117
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Opt. Lett., 15, 1473
Proc. SPIE-Int. Soc. Opt. Eng., 1564, 236

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