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Fishel, D.L.

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Fishel, Derry L.


Carlino, L.T.;   Carlino, Leo T.;   Chang, Max K.H.;   Cvikl, B.;   D'Sidocky, R.M.;   D'Sidocky, Richard;   Doane, J.W.;   Hsu, Y.-Y.;   Hsu, Ying-Yen;   Johnson, D.L.;   Mahmood, R.;   Murphy, J.A.;   Neff, Vernon D.;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Norton, Paul;   Parker, R.S.;   Patel, Prabhu R.;   Stroh, James;   Surendranath, V.;   Uhrich, David L.;   Visintainer, J.J.;   Wilson, Jack M.;   de Vries, Adriaan

Publication Titles

1970: Quadrupole and proton spin-lattice relaxation in the nematic liquid crystalline phase
1971: Extended range ambient temperature nematic mesophase in binary systems of N-(4-alkoxybenzylidene)-4-alkylanilines
1972: Possible second-order nematic-smectic-A phase transition
1972: Thermotropic liquid crystals. II. Transition temperatures and mesophase identifications for some anils
1972: Thermotropic liquid crystals. IV. Anomalous melting behavior of nematogenic azobenzene derivatives
1973: Impurity diffusion in the smectic A and smectic B phases
1973: Molecular diffusion in the nematic and smectic C phase of 4-4'-di-n-heptyloxyazoxybenzene (HOAB)
1973: Mössbauer study of a tin-119 bearing solute in an ordered smectic liquid crystal, at 77 K
1973: Thermotropic liquid crystals. VI.The preparation and mesophase properties of asymmetrically 4,4'-disubstituted phenyl benzoates
1974: A Mössbauer measurement of some lattice properties of a smectic H liquid crystal
1975: Using the Mettler FP-2 hot stage at below-room temperatures
1979: Syntheses of liquid crystal intermediates: 4-alkylbenzoyl chlorides
1980: The effect of terminal alkyl chain length on mesomorphic properties of 4-alkoxyphenyl 4'-alkylbenzoates
1985: Mesomorphic properties of n-alkyl 4'-n-pentanoyloxy-biphenyl-4-carboxylates


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