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Fischer, Thomas

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Fischer, T.;   Fischer, Th.;   Fischer, Thomas H.;   Fischer, Thomas M.;   Fisher, Thomas


Bruce, Duncan W.;   Czapla, Sylvia;   Eichhorn, S. Holger;   Endo, Hiroyuki;   Gallani, Jean-Louis;   Geue, Thomas;   Guillon, Daniel;   Hachiya, Satoshi;   Ito, Shinzaburo;   Ivanov, Sergei;   Knoll, Wolfgang;   Kostromin, Sergei;   Kremer, Friedrich;   Läsker, Lutz;   Meier, Johann Georg;   Menzel, Henning;   Mitsuishi, Masaya;   Rosenhauer, Regina;   Ruhmann, Ralf;   Ruther, Manuel;   Rutloh, Michael;   Rübner, Joachim;   Shibaev, Valery;   Stumpe, Joachim;   Yamamoto, Masahide;   Ziegler, Andreas

Publication Titles

1993: Guided optical waves for a study of molecular orientation and motion in a ferroelectric liquid crystal layer
1994: Optical anisotropy in amorphous films of photochromic polymers due to photochemically induced orientational order
1994: Photoinduced optical anisotropy in amorphous films of liquid crystalline polymers
1995: Influence of supramolecular order on the light-induced reorientation process in photochromic side group polymers
1997: Competition of self-organization and photoorientation in liquid crystalline polymers
1997: Interdependence of photoorientation and thermotropic self-organization in photochromic liquid crystalline polymers
1997: Optical switching of a metal-clad waveguide with a ferroelectric liquid crystal
1997: Photoorientation in LB multilayers of thermotropic polymers
1998: Discrimination of structural order and chromophore aggregation as factors effecting the photo-reorientation of azobenzene in copolyglutamate LB films
1998: Optical Characterization of a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Polymer Studied by Time-Resolved Optical Waveguide Spectroscopy
1999: Photoinduced alignment of LC polymers by the combination of photoorientation and thermotropic self-organization
2001: Metal ion mediated mesomorphism and thin film behaviour of amphitropic tetraazaporphyrin complexes
2003: Light-induced anisotropy of stilbene-containing LC polymers and its thermal development by self-organization


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