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Fischer, Peter

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Fischer, P.


Arys, Xavier;   Baro, Angelika;   Deck, Christopher;   Decurtins, Silvio;   Finkelmann, Heino;   Gießelmann, Frank;   Herle, Vishweshwara;   Huber, Reto;   Jonas, Alain;   Kaller, Martin;   Kohlbrecher, Joachim;   Laschat, Sabine;   Laschewsky, Andre;   Legras, Roger;   Müller, Stefan;   Ouladdiaf, Bachir;   Pellaux, René;   Pfister, Bruno;   Schmalle, Helmut W.;   Schmidt, Claudia;   Tussetschläger, Stefan;   Windhab, Erich J.;   Wischerhoff, Erik

Publication Titles

1995: Amphiphilic liquid-crystalline networks - phase behavior and alignment by mechanical fields
1996: Three-dimensional helical supramolecules - elucidation of magnetic ordering for an antiferromagnetic phase
1997: Solid-like director reorientation in sheared hexagonal lyotropic liquid crystals as studied by nuclear magnetic resonance
1999: Polyelectrolytes bearing azobenzenes for the functionalization of multilayers
2007: Alternating Vorticity Bands in a Solution of Wormlike Micelles
2009: Columnar Mesophases Controlled by Counterions in Potassium Complexes of Dibenzo[18]crown-6 Derivatives


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