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Fischer, E.W.

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Fischer, Erhard W.


Abe, A.;   Abetz, F.;   Abetz, V.;   Antipov, E.;   Antipov, E.M.;   Artamonova, S.D.;   Ballauff, Matthias;   Dries, T.;   Dries, Th.;   Fakirov, S.;   Fuhrmann, K.;   Furuya, H.;   Gavrilenko, I.F.;   Godovskii, Yu.K.;   Godovsky, Yu.;   Godovsky, Yu.K.;   Hoffmann, A.;   Hoffmann, R.;   Kapitza, Heinrich;   Kaufman, Yu.V.;   Kremer, F.;   Kugler, J.;   Kühnpast, K.;   Li, L.-S.;   Lieser, G.;   Lindner, P.;   Mushina, E.A.;   März, K.;   Patkowski, A.;   Podol'skii, Yu.Ya.;   Poths, Holger;   Rebrov, A.V.;   Rosenau-Eichin, R.;   Ruths, T.;   Scherowsky, Günter;   Schliwa, A.;   Schmidt, G.F.;   Schwenk, N.;   Shklyaruk, B.F.;   Stamm, M.;   Thürmer, A.;   Urban, G.;   Vallerien, S.U.;   Volegova, I.A.;   Zentel, Rudolf

Publication Titles

1977: Structure and properties of poly(ethylene terephthalate) crystallized by annealing in the highly oriented state. 2. Melting behavior and the mosaic block structure of the crystalline layers
1987: An electron diffraction study of crystalline modifications and the liquid-crystalline structure of p-hydroxybenzoate/m-hydroxybenzoate copolymers
1988: Levels of order in stiff-chain polymers
1989: Construction of a High-Temperature Squid Magnetometer
1989: Ferroelectric modes in combined side-group main chain liquid-crystalline polymers
1990: Broadband dielectric spectroscopy on ferroelectric liquid-crystalline side group polymers
1990: Conformation of Liquid-Crystalline Main-Chain Polymers in Bulk and in Solution as Revealed by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
1990: Constant molecular rotation at the smectic-A to smectic-C* transition in ferroelectric liquid crystals
1990: Experimental proof of piezoelectricity in cholesteric and chiral smectic C-phase of LC-[liquid-crystalline]-elastomers
1990: Ferroelectric Modes in Polymeric Liquid Crystals
1990: Molecular Dynamics in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals as Studied by Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy
1990: SQUID studies of .alpha.,.omega.-bis[(4,4'-cyanobiphenyl)oxy]alkanes and elucidation of the orientational order parameter
1990: Softmode at the ferroelectric/nonferroelectric phase-transition in a liquid crystalline polymer
1991: Ferroelectric Modes in Polymeric Liquid Crystals and Experimental Proof of Piezoelectricity in Cholesteric and Chiral Smectic C Elastomers
1991: Field dependent Goldstone-mode in ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymers
1991: Magnetic susceptibility and order parameter of nematic liquid crystals as determined by a high-temperature SQUID magnetometer
1991: SQUID studies of main-chain polymer liquid crystals and rotational isomeric state treatment of the data
1991: The Molecular Origin of Ferroelectricity in FLC: A Challenge for Dielectric Spectroscopy at Microwave Frequencies
1992: Kinetics of orientation of a side-chain liquid - crystal polymer as measured by a high-temperature SQUID-magnetometer
1993: Conformation and shape of rigid-rod polyesters substituted with flexible side chains as revealed by small-angle neutron scattering
1993: Temperature evolution of the structure of the thermotropic co-polyester: poly[(phenyl-p-phenylene)-co-(terephthalate)-co-(p-hydroxybenzoate)]
1994: Structure and temperature behavior of thermotropic ternary liquid crystalline copolyester
1994: Temperature evolution of the structure of a thermotropic main-chain liquid crystalline copolyester
1994: X-ray analysis of the structure of a thermotropic main-chain liquid-crystalline copolyester
1995: Effect of molecular weight and annealing on structure of thermotropic ternary liquid-crystalline copolyester
1995: Temperature evolution of the structure of liquid crystalline main-chain copolyesters
1995: The effect of molecular weight on the structure and temperature behavior of a thermotropic main-chain liquid crystalline copolyester
1996: Comparative analysis of the structure of two thermotropic LC copolyesters
1996: Temperature evolution of the structure of liquid-crystalline main-chain copolyesters
1997: Effect of composition of random copolymers based on trans-1,4-polybutadiene on their ability to crystallize and tendency to mesomorphism
1999: Structure of oriented composites from simplest polyolefins obtained by in situ polymerization on a new catalytic system
2003: Dynamics of supercooled liquids confined to the pores of sol-gel glass: A dynamic light scattering study


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