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Findeisen, Mathias

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Findeisen, M.


Grande, Siegbert;   Hillner, Bernd;   Limmer, Stefan;   Schiffler, J.;   Schmiedel, Herbert;   Stannarius, Ralf

Publication Titles

1981: Investigations on the ordering of five p, p'-di-n-alkyloxy-azoxybenzenes in their nematic phases by proton NMR
1981: Proton NMR studies and spectra simulation of p-azoxyphenetole (PAP)
1983: Proton NMR investigations of the smectic-C phases of three (alkyloxy)azoxybenzenes
1983: Proton NMR studies of smectic-C phases
1984: Proton NMR studies and lineshape simulations of the mesophases of terephthalylidenebis(4-n-propylaniline) (TBPrA) - evidence for conformational changes
1984: Proton NMR studies of the smectic-G phase of terephthalylidene-bis-4-n-propylaniline (TBPrA)
1984: Proton nmr studies of smectic phases of three n-(4-n-alkyloxybenzylidene)-4'-n-alkylanilines (n0.m's)
1985: Evidence for a glassy smectic C phase


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