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Feoktistov, N.A.

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Feoktistov, Nikolai A.


Berenberg, V.A.;   Berensnev, L.A.;   Beresnev, L.A.;   Chaika, A.N.;   Dukin, A.A.;   Dultz, W.;   Golubev, V.G.;   Gromadin, A.L.;   Haase, W.;   Isaev, M.V.;   Ivanova, N.L.;   Konshina, E.A.;   Medvedev, A.V.;   Morozova, L.E.;   Nikulin, Yu.A.;   Onokhov, A.P.;   Pevtsov, A.B.;   Resnichenko, V.V.;   Schwarz, R.;   Sel'kin, A.V.;   Weyrauch, Thomas;   Yeskov, D.N.

Publication Titles

1996: Amorphous silicon-carbon thin film p-i-n structures for liquid-crystal spatial light modulators
1996: Liquid crystal spatial light modulators for adaptive optics and image processing
1996: Optically addressed spatial light modulator with highly sensitive layer of amorphous hydrogenated silicon carbide
1998: Deformed helix ferroelectric liquid crystals with large tilt angles in optically addressed spatial light modulators for dynamical holography applications
2000: Reflective FLC optically addressed spatial light modulators with pixelated metal mirror and light-blocking layer
2003: Polarization splitting of optical resonant modes in a-Si:H/a-SiOx:H microcavities


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