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Feng, Xin-De

Alternative Writings

Feng, X.D.;   Feng, Xinde

Similar Names

Feng, X.-D.


Chen, Hong-Zheng;   Cheuk, Kevin K.L.;   Dong, Yongqiang;   Dong, Yu-Ping;   Kong, Xiang-Xing;   Kwok, Hoi-Sing;   Lai, Lo Ming;   Lam, Jacky W.Y.;   Lam, Wing Yip;   Law, Charles C.W.;   Li, Huimin;   Li, Zhen;   Ma, Yu-Guo;   Peng, Han;   Shen, Jia-Cong;   Sun, Jing-Zhi;   Tang, Ben-Zhong;   Wan, Xin-Hua;   Wang, Mang;   Wang, Pingping;   Wang, Xin-Jiu;   Wu, Peiqiang;   Wu, Zhicai;   Zhang, Dong;   Zhang, Fei;   Zhang, Hong-Zhi;   Zhang, Yong;   Zheng, Qiang;   Zhou, Qi-Feng;   Zhu, Xinlong

Publication Titles

1988: Studies on thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyesters: poly(arylene terephthalate-co-hexamethylene terephthalate)
1988: Synthesis of a new class of side-chain liquid crystal polymers -polymers with mesogens laterally attached via short linkages to polymer backbones
1993: Nematic schlieren textures of some thermotropic liquid crystal polymers with two-dimensional mesogenic units
1993: Polymeric nematic schlieren textures with singularities of high strength
1993: Restudy of the old poly-2,5-di(benzoyloxy)styrene as a new liquid crystal polymer
1995: Characterization of the chain stiffness for a mesogen-jacketed liquid crystal polymer: poly{2,5-bis[(4-methoxybenzoyl)oxy]styrene}
1995: Synthesis and chain rigidity of mesogen-jacketed liquid crystal polymers based on poly[2,5-disubstituted]styrene
1996: Synthesis and chain rigidity of mesogen-jacketed liquid-crystalline polymers based on poly(2,5-disubstituted-styrene)
1997: Mesogen-jacketed liquid crystal polymers with mesogens of aromatic amide structure
1997: Synthesis and Properties of Stereoregular Polyacetylenes Containing Cyano Groups, Poly[[4-[[[n-[(4'-cyano-4-biphenylyl)-oxy]alkyl]oxy]carbonyl]phenyl]acetylenes]
1997: Synthesis of liquid crystalline aromatic amide compounds
1997: Synthesis of novel liquid crystal compounds with aromatic amide mesogenic cores
1997: Synthesis of poly(phenylacetylenes) containing polar cyano groups
1998: Influence of backbone rigidity on the liquid crystallinity of mesogen -containing polyacetylenes
1998: Liquid Crystalline Polyacetylenes: Synthesis and Properties of Poly{n-[((4'-cyano-4-biphenylyl)oxy)carbonyl]-1-alkynes}
1998: Mesomorphic properties of mesogen -containing polyacetylenes
1998: Relationship between chemical structure and properties for mesogen-jacketed liquid crystal polymers
1999: Mechanical perturbation induced molecular alignments in a side-chain liquid crystalline polyacetylene, poly{10-[4-(4'-methoxyphenoxycarbonyl)phenoxycarbonyl]-1-decyne}
2005: Functional Disubstituted Polyacetylenes and Soluble Cross-Linked Polyenes: Effects of Pendant Groups or Side Chains on Liquid Crystallinity and Light Emission of Poly(1-phenyl-1-undecyne)s


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