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Farrar, S.R.

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Farrar, Simon R.


Aldred, M.P.;   Contoret, A.E.A.;   Eastwood, A.J.;   Fowler, S.;   Jackson, P.O.;   Kelly, Stephen M.;   Khan, S.M.;   Mansoor, B.;   Mathieson, D.;   May, L.;   Nicholls, J.E.;   O'Neill, M.;   Richards, G.J.;   Tsoi, W.C.;   Vlachos, P.

Publication Titles

2000: Polarized Electroluminescence from an Anisotropic Nematic Network on a Non-contact Photoalignment Layer
2000: Pulsed-lase deposition for organic electroluminescent device applications
2001: Characterisation of pulsed-laser-deposited organic electroluminescent compounds for organic light-emitting diodes
2001: Crosslinked reactive mesogens and photo-chemical alignment for organic polarised EL
2001: Photopolymerisable nematic liquid crystals for electroluminescent devices
2001: Synthesis and luminous properties of electroluminescent liquid crystals
2002: Multi-layer Organic Electroluminescence Using Liquid Crystalline Polymer Networks
2003: Photoluminescence study of crosslinked reactive mesogens for organic light emitting devices
2005: A Full-Color Electroluminescent Device and Patterned Photoalignment Using Light-Emitting Liquid Crystals


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