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Fan, Guang-Yu

Alternative Writings

Fan, G.-Y.;   Fan, G.Y.;   Fan, Guangyu


Kasko, Andrea M.;   Pugh, Coleen;   Tian, Yan-Qing;   Zhao, Xiao-Guang;   Zhou, En-Le

Publication Titles

1998: Synthesis and characterization of side-chain liquid crystalline (M6MPP/M6NPAP) copolymers with NLO properties
2001: Synthesis and characterization of side chain liquid crystal M5MPP/MMEANB copolymers containing NLO active group
2005: Measurement of Chain Transfer Constants to Polymer Using Oligomers and Model Compounds: Chain Transfer to Poly[11-(4'-cyanophenyl-4''-phenoxy)undecyl acrylate] in Radical Polymerization

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