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Fajula, Francois

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Fajula, François

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Fajula, F.


Alonso, Bruno;   Barrande, Maud;   Calin, Nathalie;   Cambon, Helene;   Chiche, Bich;   Coasne, Benoît;   Denoyel, Renaud;   Di Renzo, Francesco;   Driole, Marie-France;   Fubini, Bice;   Galarneau, Anne;   Iapichella, Julien;   Mollo, Laura;   Ottaviani, M. Francesca;   Petitto, Carolina

Publication Titles

1998: Kinetics of formation of micelle-templated silica mesophases monitored by electron paramagnetic resonance
2001: True Microporosity and Surface Area of Mesoporous SBA-15 Silicas as a Function of Synthesis Temperature
2005: Synthesis of Discrete Micrometer-Sized Spherical Particles of MCM-48
2009: Optimization of the Properties of Macroporous Chromatography Silica Supports through Surface Roughness Control

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