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Fabre, Pascale

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Fabre, P.


Auvray, Loic;   Cabanel, Regis;   Casagrande, Christiane;   Corpart, Jean-Marc;   Finkelmann, Heino;   Leger, Liliane;   Leibler, Ludwik;   Milner, Scott T.;   Nallet, Frederic;   Ponsinet, Virginie;   Quilliet, Catherine;   Ramos, Laurence;   Roux, Didier;   Veyssie, Madeleine;   Weill, Claire;   de Crevoisier, Guillaume

Publication Titles

1984: Viscoelastic properties of side chain mesomorphic polymers in nematic phase: melt and solutions
1987: Reverse anisotropy of the diffusion coefficients in a polymeric nematic medium
1992: Structure and dynamics of the ferrosmectic phase
1993: A small-angle neutron scattering study of the ferrosmectic phase
1994: Elasticity and hydrodynamic properties of "doped solvent" dilute lamellar phases
1994: Magnetic anisotropy of ferrosmectic phases
1996: Modification of the interactions in a lamellar phase by the presence of nanoparticles
1997: Swelling of a Lyotropic Hexagonal Phase by Monitoring the Radius of the Cylinders
1999: Switchable Tackiness and Wettability of a Liquid Crystalline Polymer


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