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Evlampieva, N.P.


Barabanov, V.P.;   Boiko, N.I.;   Galyametdinov, Yu.G.;   Karamysheva, L.A.;   Kolbina, G.F.;   Kovshik, A.P.;   Koßmehl, Gerhard;   Lavrenko, P.N.;   Lavrinko, P.N.;   Lezov, A.V.;   Makarova, N.N.;   Mitrokhina, E.G.;   Olbrich, M.;   Polushin, S.G.;   Ponomarenko, S.A.;   Ruzmaikina, Yu.;   Ryumentsev, E.I.;   Ryumtsev, E.I.;   Shibaev, V.P.;   Torgova, S.I.

Publication Titles

1993: Electro-optical properties of solutions and polarity of molecules in liquid crystal fluorenes
1993: Polarity of phenylacyl ethers series of carboxylic acids from the Kerr effect data
1995: Effect of the position of aliphatic bridge fragments on the polarity of molecules of liquid crystalline substances and their dielectric properties
1996: Synthesis and properties of comb-shaped liquid-crystalline poly(phenyl benzoate methylsiloxane)s
1997: Dipole and electrooptical properties of liquid crystal molecules with 1,3-dioxane rings
1998: Electrooptical properties of solutions of poly(decamethyl cyclohexasiloxane) and its low-molecular weight analogs
1998: Kerr effect in solutions of carbosilane dendrimers with terminal mesogenic groups
1998: Pre-transition electrooptic properties of solutions of liquid-crystal polysiloxanes in the phase-separation region
2005: Hydrodynamic size of complexes of holmium and dysprosium with Schiff bases and various counterions in solutions


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