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Etxebarria, J.

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Etxebarria, I.;   Etxebarria, Jesus;   Etxebarria, Jesús


Alonso, I.;   Artal, C.;   Baena, M.J.;   Castro, M.;   De La Foente, M.R.;   Díez, S.;   Espinet, P.;   Ezcurra, A.;   Folcia, C.L.;   Folcia, D.L.;   Gallastegui, J.A.;   Gimeno, N.;   Karahaliou, P.;   Marcos, M.;   Martinez-Perdiguero, J.;   Miguel, J.A.;   Ortega, J.;   Pereda, N.;   Pereda, Naia;   Perez Jubindo, M.A.;   Perez, J.;   Perez-Jubindo, M.A.;   Pintre, I.;   Puertolas, J.A.;   Pérez Jubindo, M.A.;   Pérez-Jubindo, M.A.;   Remon, A.;   Ros, M.B.;   Santamaria, C.;   Serrano, J.L.;   Sierra, M.T.;   Sierra, T.;   Tello, M.J.;   Zubia, J.;   de Francisco, I.;   de la Fuente, M.R.

Publication Titles

1987: A new method for high accuracy tilt angle measurements in ferroelectric liquid crystals
1988: A new S{\sub C} chiral smectic family derived from 2,2',4,4'-tetrahydroxybenzalazine
1988: DC conductance measurements in new ferroelectric mesomorphic mixtures
1988: Dielectric and optical measurements for some compounds exhibiting an isotropic-cholesteric-smectic C* phase transition sequence
1988: Dielectric characterization of new mesomorphic mixtures with smectic C* phases
1988: Very low-frequency hysteresis loops in ferroelectric liquid crystals: a new optical technique
1988: Very slow hysteresis loops in ferroelectric liquid crystals
1989: A new preparation of ferroelectric liquid crystals. The first organotransition metal compound with these properties
1989: Dielectric and optical studies near the chiral smectic C-smectic A transition of (S)-2-hydroxy-4-decyloxybenzylidene-4'-amino-2p"-methylbutylcinnamate
1989: Dielectric behavior of a new SmI* ferroelectric liquid crystal 2-hydroxy-4-decyloxybenzyliden-4'-amino 1-carboethoxyethyl cinnamate
1989: Electroclinic effect near a smectic A-chiral smectic I transition
1989: Temperature dependence and dispersion of the rotatory power of a ferroelectric liquid crystal in the chiral smectic I phase
1990: Temperature dependence of the rotatory power and tilt angle in a ferroelectric liquid crystal with a cholesteric-chiral smectic C phase sequence
1991: Electroclinic effect in a liquid crystal with chiral nematic and smectic-A phases
1992: Electroclinic Effect in the Nematic Phase
1992: Ferroelectric Mesogenic Planar Orthopalladated Derivatives
1993: Character of the smectic-A-chiral-smectic-C phase transition near a chiral-nematic-smectic-A-chiral-smectic-C point
1994: study of the nematic electroclinic effect in mixtures
1995: Metal-containing ferroelectric liquid crystals
1997: Non-linear optical properties of metallorganic ferroelectric liquid crystals
1998: Temperature dependence of the second-order susceptibility in calamitic ferroelectric liquid crystals
1998: Type-II phase-matched second-harmonic generation in ferroelectric liquid crystals
1999: Second harmonic generation in planar samples of ferroelectric liquid crystals
2000: Comparison between the switching dynamics of homeotropic and planar cells of chiral smectic-C liquid crystals
2000: Optical studies in liquid crystals using the high-accuracy universal polarimeter
2000: Pockels effect in photopolymers derived from ferroelectric liquid crystals
2000: Switching dynamics in homeotropic ferroelectric liquid crystals
2001: Gyrotropy problem in nonhomogeneous media: The case of short-pitch chiral-smectic-C liquid crystals and incommensurate structures
2001: Second-harmonic generation studies in the B2 and B4 phases of a banana-shaped liquid crystal
2002: Determination of the Helical Pitch in the Smectic Cc* by Means of Gyrotropy Measurements
2002: Determination of the second order susceptibility tensor in banana-shaped liquid crystals
2002: Electroclinic Effect Around a Smetic A-Chiral Nematic Phase Transition
2002: Electroclinic effect around a smectic A-chiral nematic phase transition
2003: Determination of the helical pitch in the smectic C*! phase by means of gyrotropy measurements
2003: Induction of ferroelectricity in the B2 phase of a liquid crystal composed of achiral bent-core molecules
2003: Interpretation of unusual textures in the B2 phase of a liquid crystal composed of bent-core molecules
2003: On the interpretation of the racemic states of the B2 phase of banana-shaped mesogens
2004: Electric-field-induced B1-B2 transition in bent-core mesogens
2004: Second harmonic generation measurements in aligned samples of liquid crystals composed of bent-core molecules
2006: Achiral Bent-Core Liquid Crystals with Azo and Azoxy Linkages: Structural and Nonlinear Optical Properties and Photoisomerization
2007: Characteristics of a liquid crystal display using optically isotropic phases of bent-core mesogens
2008: Comment on "Optical Activity Produced by Layer Chirality in Bent-Core Liquid Crystals"


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