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Ernst, S.

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Ernst, C.;   Ernst, Sabine


Churjusova, T.;   Demus, Dietrich;   Diele, Siegmar;   Fukuda, A.;   Haddawi, S.;   Hamann, A.;   Hauser, A.;   Hempel, E.;   Inukai, T.;   Kremer, F.;   Kresse, H.;   Krücke, B.;   Kuschel, Frank;   Massalska-Arodz, M.;   Murashiro, K.;   Neundorf, M.;   Pelzl, G.;   Saito, S.;   Schäfer, W.;   Sokolova, E.;   Sokolova, E.P.;   Takanishi, Y.;   Takezoe, H.;   Uhlig, G.;   Urban, S.;   Vallerien, S.U.;   Wedler, W.;   Weissflog, W.;   Wiegeleben, Adelbert;   Würflinger, Albert;   Zaschke, Horst

Publication Titles

1989: Dielectric measurements on a liquid-crystalline random copolyester
1990: Glasartige niedermolekulare Flüssigkristalle. Dynamik.
1990: New naphthalene derivatives with liquid crystalline glassy states
1992: Comparative dielectric investigations of two liquid-crystalline side chain polymers
1992: Comparing Investigations on L.C. Mixture with Nematic and Smectic A Phase
1993: Binary Systems with a Sterically Induced Smectic A Phase
1993: The polymorphism of a new chiral compound with smectic C and CA phases
1994: 20th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Nagoya
1994: Densities, refractive indexes, and order parameters of a binary liquid-crystalline systems with an induced smectic A phase
1994: Phase diagrams and mixing enthalpies of binary liquid-crystalline systems exhibiting a smectic A phase
2001: Thermodynamic measurements on the binary system bis{[2,2-di(n-hexyloxycarbonyl)ethenyl]phenyl} biphenyl-4,4'-dicarboxylate and 4-n-octyloxyphenyl 4-n-pentyloxybenzoate at elevated pressures


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