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Eriksson, P.O.

Similar Names

Eriksson, P.-O.;   Eriksson, Per Olof


Arvidson, G.;   Furo, I.;   Hedin, N.;   Lindblom, G.

Publication Titles

1980: Aggregate structure and ion binding in amphiphilic systems studied by NMR diffusion method
1987: NMR studies of micellar aggregates in 1-acyl-sn-glycerophosphocholine systems. The formation of a cubic liquid crystalline phase
1993: Lipid and water diffusion in bicontinuous cubic phases measured by NMR
2000: Fast Diffusion of the Cl- Ion in the Headgroup Region of an Oppositely Charged Micelle. A 35Cl NMR Spin Relaxation Study

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