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Eremin, Alexei

Similar Names

Eremin, A.;   Eremin, Alexey


Dantlgraber, Gert;   Diele, Siegmar;   Dunemann, Ulrike;   Grande, Siegbert;   Hauser, Anton;   Kovalenko, Laura;   Kresse, Horst;   Nadasi, Hajnalka;   Pancenko, Natella;   Pelzl, Gerhard;   Tschierske, Carsten;   Weissflog, Wolfgang;   Wirth, Ina

Publication Titles

2001: Influence of lateral substituents on the mesophase behaviour of banana-shaped mesogens
2001: New variants of polymorphism in banana-shaped mesogens with cyano-substituted central core
2002: Chirality and macroscopic polar order in a ferroelectric smectic liquid-crystalline phase formed by achiral polyphilic bent-core molecules

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