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Eremin, A.

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Eremin, Alexei;   Eremin, Alexey


Aksenov, V.;   Bailey, C.;   Baumeister, U.;   Bodyagin, B.M.;   Bohley, Ch.;   Boley, C.;   Chen, B.;   Cheng, X.-H.;   Dantlgraber, G.;   Das, B.;   Das, B.A.;   Das, H.;   Das, M.K.;   Dehne, H.;   Deindörfer, Pia;   Diele, Siegmar;   Diorio, N.;   Dunemann, U.;   Findeisen-Tandel, S.;   Findeisen-Tandel, Sonja;   Fodor-Csorba, Katalin;   Friedemann, R.;   Galli, Giancarlo;   Geiger, T.;   Gomola, K.;   Grande, S.;   Gács-Baitz, E.;   Hamplova, V.;   Hauser, A.;   Heuer, J.;   Jákli, Antal;   Kaganer, V.M.;   Kain, J.;   Kaspar, M.;   Kieffer, R.;   Kohout, M.;   Kosata, B.;   Kovalenko, L.;   Kresse, H.;   Lang, H.;   Lühmann, B.;   Müller, F.;   Nadasi, H.;   Naji, L.;   Naumann, G.;   Nemes, A.;   Novotna, V.;   Nádasi, H.;   Ostrovskjj, B.I.;   Pelz, K.;   Pelzl, G.;   Petzold, J.;   Pociecha, D.;   Prehm, M.;   Salfetnikova, J.;   Schmalfuss, H.;   Schröder, M.W.;   Schulz, M.;   Sokolowski, S.;   Sokolowski, W.;   Stannarius, R.;   Stannarius, Ralf;   Stern, S.;   Tamba, G.;   Tamba, M.-G.;   Tschierske, Carsten;   Vajda, A.;   Vakhovskaya, Z.;   Veracini, C.A.;   Weissflog, W.;   Wirth, I.;   Zentel, Rudolf

Publication Titles

2000: Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
2001: Experimental evidence for an achiral orthogonal biaxial smectic phase without in-plane order exhibiting antiferroelectric switching behavior
2001: Polymorphic smectic A phases in perfluoroalkylated mesogenic dimers
2002: Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric B5 Phases, B2 Subphases and a Switchable Solid-Like Banana-Phase in New Achiral Bent-Core Mesogens
2002: Mesogens with Hockey-Stick Molecular Shape Exhibiting Unusal Phase Behaviour
2002: Molecular Design of Non-Conventional Mesophase Forming Materials
2002: Phase Transitions Between B2 Phases and Smectic Phases (SmA, SmC) in New 4-Cyano-, 4-Chloro- and 4,6-Dichlororesorcinol Derivatives
2002: Siloxane and Oligosiloxane Substituted Bent-Core Mesogens: Novel Mesophases by Structural Variations
2002: Simulations of X-Ray Scattering by Aligned Tilted and Orthogonal Smectic Phase Consisted of Rod-Like and Bent-Core Molecules in Fiber Geometries
2002: Spontaneous chiral ordering in the nematic phase of an achiral banana-shaped compound
2002: Structural characterization of the new polymorphic mesophases formed by bent-core molecules
2003: Experimental evidence for Sm-CG?Sm-CP polymorphism in fluorinated bent-shaped mesogens
2003: Field-induced switching between states of opposite chirality in a liquid-crystalline phase
2003: Mesophases with unusual properties formed by new banana-shaped mesogens with halogen substituents at the central core
2003: Oligosiloxane derived banana-shaped molecules with ferroelectric switching liquid crystalline phases
2003: Structural and conformational investigations in SmA and different SmC phases of new hockey stick-shaped compounds
2004: Chiral ordering in the nematic and an optically isotropic mesophase of bent-core mesogens with a halogen substituent at the central core
2004: Paraelectric-antiferroelectric phase transitions in the bent-core liquid crystalline materials
2004: Paraelectric-antiferroelectric transitions in the bent-core liquid-crystalline materials
2005: Labyrinthine instabilities in polar smectics
2005: Organic Gel-forming agents and liquid crystalline phases
2005: Tunes of a liquid chord: Mechanical properties of freely suspended LC filaments
2006: Field-induced phase transitions and reversible field-induced inversion of chirality in tilted smectic phases of bent-core mesogens
2006: Free standing liquid filaments formed by bent-shaped mesogens
2006: Microscopic structures of the B7 Phase: AFM and electronmicroscopy studies
2006: Microscopic structures of the B{\sub 7} phase: AFM and electron microscopy studies
2006: Shear flow induced by elastic relaxation in freely suspended liquid-crystal films
2006: Smectic membranes: Rupture dynamics and foam coarsening
2006: Ten isomeric five-ring bent-core mesogens: The influence of the direction of the carboxyl connecting groups on the mesophase behaviour
2006: c-director relaxation around a vortex of strength +1 in free-standing smectic-C films
2007: Electro-optic characterization of a nematic phase formed by bent core mesogens
2007: Electro-optics and pattern formation of a nematic phase formed by bent-core mesogens
2007: Experimental evidence for an electrically induced transition into a biaxial nematic phase
2007: Free standing filaments formed by bent-shaped molecules
2008: Chiral and achiral banana shaped liquid crystals, Synthesis and characterization
2008: Multistage polar switching in bent-core mesogens
2008: Novel electro-optic multistage switching in a polar smectic material
2009: Acoustically driven oscillations of freely suspended liquid crystal filaments
2009: In search for polar switchable crystalline materials derived from bent-core molecules


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