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El-Nokaly, Magda

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El-Nokaly, M.;   El-Nokaly, Magda A.;   Elnokaly, Magda


Bartolo, Robert G.;   Friberg, Stig E.;   Hiler, George D.;   Igo-Kemenes, Kataline;   Jakubovic, David Andrew;   Langlois, Anne;   Larsen, David W.;   Leatherbury, Neil Campbell;   Li, Gan-Zuo;   Rananavare, Shankar B.;   Spontak, Richard J.;   Stary, Frank E.;   Vatter, Michael L.;   Vatter, Michael Lee;   Walling, David William

Publication Titles

1982: Nonaqueous lyotropic liquid crystals from lecithin and nonionic surfactants
1984: Lyotropic liquid crystals from lecithin, water, and polyethylene glycol
1984: Molecular motion and phases in an equimolar phosphatidylcholine/ethylene glycol system
1992: Enhanced anisotropic ordering and phase separation in lyotropic polysaccharide blends
1992: Polysaccharide liquid crystals for encapsulating materials
1994: Cosmetic make-up compositions
1994: Manufacture of lipsticks substantially free of castor oils
1996: Cosmetic makeup compositions
2000: Cosmetic compositions containing vitamin B3 compounds
2001: Lipstick compositions containing association structures consisting of a polar solvent and a surfactant


CN 1047515 B (1999/12/22)
J. Colloid Interface Sci., 98, 274
J. Phys. Chem., 88, 4015
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 72, 183
Polymer, 33, 5343
WO 2000.047.182 (2000/08/17)
WO 9.216.195 (1992/10/01)
WO 9.406.400 (1994/03/31)
WO 9.428.860 (1994/12/22)
WO 9.611.665 (1996/04/25)

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