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Eichhorn, S. Holger

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Eichhorn, S.H.;   Eichhorn, S.Holger


Ahmed, M. Sharif;   Ahmida, Mohamed;   Ahmida, Mohamed M.;   Bruce, Duncan W.;   Castellano, Ronald K.;   Demenev, Andrey;   Donnio, Bertrand;   Fischer, Thomas;   Fox, Nicholas;   Gallani, Jean-Louis;   Geue, Thomas;   Grozema, Ferdinand C.;   Guillon, Daniel;   Katz, Thomas J.;   Kayal, Himadri;   Kishikawa, Keiki;   Klenkler, Richard;   Larocque, Raymond;   Levitsky, Igor A.;   Lovinger, Andrew J.;   Mahoney, Stuart J.;   Nuckolls, Colin;   Paraskos, Alexander J.;   Patwardhan, Sameer;   Perepichka, Dmitrii F.;   Rebek, Julius;   Shimizu, Yo;   Siebbeles, Laurens D.A.;   Stumpe, Joachim;   Swager, Timothy M.;   Taerum, Tyler;   Vacaru, Alina;   Vyklicky, Libor;   Wood, Malcolm R.

Publication Titles

1999: Hierarchy of order in liquid crystalline polycaps
2000: Exciton coupling and dipolar correlations in a columnar liquid crystal: photophysics of a bent-rod hexacatenar mesogen
2001: Metal ion mediated mesomorphism and thin film behaviour of amphitropic tetraazaporphyrin complexes
2002: The Interplay of Bent-Shape, Lateral Dipole and Chirality in Thiophene Based Di-, Tri-, and Tetracatenar Liquid Crystals
2003: Helical Discotic Liquid Crystals
2009: Synthesis, mesomorphism and electronic properties of nonaflate and cyano-substituted pentyloxy and 3-methylbutyloxy triphenylenes
2010: Halide effect in electron rich and deficient discotic phthalocyanines
2010: Quasi Temperature Independent Electron Mobility in Hexagonal Columnar Mesophases of an H-Bonded Benzotristhiophene Derivative


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