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Eckhardt, C.J.

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Eckhardt, Craig J.


Bonafede, S.J.;   Gong, X.;   Khan, M.A.;   Kim, J.-H.;   Kulver, R.;   Luty, T.;   Peachey, N.M.;   Swanson, D.R.;   Takacs, J.M.;   Uphaus, R.A.;   Wang, J.

Publication Titles

1988: Translational-rotational modes in noncentrosymmetric lattices: A lattice-dynamical interpretation of the phenanthrene phase transition
1993: Investigation of the .beta.-.gamma. phase transition in single crystal malononitrile by polarized Raman spectroscopy
1993: Separation of chiral phases in monolayer crystals of racemic amphiphiles
1998: Collective Interaction and Solid State Reactivity

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