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Eber, Nandor

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Éber, Nándor

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Eber, N.;   Éber, N.


Bata, Lajos;   Bubnov, Alexei;   Bubnov, Alexej;   Buka, Ágnes;   Cauquil-Vergnes, Aude;   Fodor-Csorba, Katalin;   Gleeson, James;   Gleeson, Jim T.;   Hamplova, Vera;   Hamplová, Vera;   Harden, John;   Hidaka, Yoshiki;   Huh, Jong-Hoon;   Janossy, Istvan;   Jákli, Antal;   Kai, Shoichi;   Kaspar, Miroslav;   Kašpar, Miroslav;   Kochowska, Elbieta;   Kochowska, Elzbieta;   Kramer, Lorenz;   Krekhov, Alexei;   Mbanga, Badel;   Nemeth, Szilard;   Németh, Szilárd;   Németh, Szílard;   Otowski, Wojciech;   Pakhomov, Sergei A.;   Pesch, Werner;   Rossberg, Axel;   Rossberg, Axel G.;   Rozanski, Stanislaw A.;   Sprunt, Samuel;   Szabon, Janos;   Takezoe, Hideo;   Tanaka, Shingo;   Toth-Katona, Tibor;   Trieber, Martin;   Vajda, Aniko;   Vanek, Premysl;   Wiant, David B.;   Yusuf, Yusril

Publication Titles

1988: Note on "Macroscopic description of compensated cholesteric and chiral smectic liquid crystals"
1988: Textures of planar oriented ferroelectric liquid crystals in alternating electric fields
1991: Chiral esters and their mixtures with stable chiral smectic C phase at ambient temperature
1992: Electromechanical effects in ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymers
1996: Ferroelectric liquid crystals
1996: Liquid crystals in optoelectronics
1997: New liquid crystals for research and application. Part II
1997: New liquid crystals for research and applications I
1997: Traveling waves in electroconvection of the nematic phase 5: a test of the weak electrolyte model
1999: Thermally induced aging in bicyclohexane compounds and its influence on the N-Smb phase transition and interface morphology
2000: New scenarios in the electroconvection of a homeotropic nematic liquid crystal
2001: Prewavy pattern: a director-modulation structure in nematic liquid crystals
2001: Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of (S)-[4-n-alkyloxybenzoyloxyphenyl]-4'-[(2-n-alkyloxy)propionyloxy]benzoate
2002: Magnetic Field Effects on the Electroconvection Patterns of a Homeotropic Nematic
2002: Magnetic field effect on the thresholds of a sequence of transitions in the electroconvection of a homeotropic nematic liquid crystal
2002: Mesomorphic and Physical Properties of Ferroelectric Mixtures Based on Lactic Acid Derivatives
2004: Decay of Spatially Periodic Patterns in a Nematic Liquid Crystal
2004: Decay of spatially periodic patterns in a nematic liquid crystal
2004: Square patterns and their dynamics in electroconvection
2005: Convective Patterns in Liquid Crystals
2005: Electroconvection in homeotropic nematic liquid crystals
2005: Non-Standard Electroconvection in a Bent Core Nematic
2005: Square Patterns and their Dynamics in Electroconvection
2006: Giant flexoelectricity of bent-core nematic liquid crystals
2006: Non-standard electroconvection with Hopf-bifurcation in a nematic with negative electric anisotropies
2006: The Role of Initial Conditions in the Decay of Spatially Periodic Patterns in a Nematic Liquid Crystal
2007: Nonstandard electroconvection and flexoelectricity in nematic liquid crystals
2009: Electroconvection in nematic mixtures of bent-core and calamitic molecules
2009: Flexoelectricity and competition of time scales in electroconvection


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