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Ebert, M.

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Ebert, Martina


Arnold, N.;   Baehr, C.;   Bengs, H.;   Braun, D.;   Budesheim, K.;   Endres, B.W.;   Frick, G.;   Hahn, B.;   Herrmann-Schönherr, O.;   Hose, H.;   Jungbauer, D.;   Jungbauer, D.A.;   Karthaus, O.;   Kleppinger, R.;   Kohne, B.;   Langner, M.;   Lattermann, Günter;   Liebmann, A.;   Lin, C.;   Lux, M.;   Percec, Virgil;   Praefcke, Klaus;   Reck, B.;   Ringsdorf, Helmut;   Singer, D.;   Soliman, M.;   Staufer, Günter;   Swalen, J.;   Teraoka, I.;   Tschimer, P.;   Tschirner, P.;   Twieg, R.;   Wendorff, H.J.;   Wendorff, Joachim H.;   Willson, C.G.;   Wolf, M.;   Wüstefeld, R.;   Yoon, D.Y.;   Zentel, Rudolf;   Zerta, E.

Publication Titles

1988: Evidence for a biaxial nematic phase in sanidic aromatic polyamides with 1,4,7-trioxaoctyl side chains
1989: Columnar Phases Formed by Nondiscogenic Mesogens through Molecular Aggregation
1989: Discotic Mesophases Induced by Charge Transfer Interactions
1989: Induction and variation of polymeric discotic liquid crystals via doping with electron acceptors
1989: Induction of liquid-crystal phases: discotic systems obtained by providing amorphous polymers with electron acceptors
1989: Liquid crystals. Part 45. Structural and dynamic properties of a new type of discotic nematic compounds
1989: Liquid-Crystalline Poly(Olefine Sulfones) - Synthesis And Structure
1989: Polyesters and Polyamides with Thermotropic and Lyotropic Behaviour
1989: Rigid polymers of board-like structures: sanidic phases - a new type of polymeric liquid-crystalline phase
1989: Structural variations of liquid-crystalline polymers with phasmidic-type mesogens
1990: Combined main chain/side chain polymers. A new class of liquid crystalline polymers with unusual structural, thermodynamic and dynamic properties
1990: Fractal Analysis of a Discotic Texture
1990: Liquid-crystalline polymers containing heterocycloalkanediyl groups as mesogens. 8. Morphological evidence for microphase separation in poly(methylsiloxane-co-dimethylsiloxane)s containing 2-[4-(2(S)-methyl-1-butoxy)phenyl]-5-(11-undecanyl)-1,3,2-dioxaborin ane side groups
1990: New Discotic Phases Displayed by Doped Main Chain Polymers
1990: New Monomeric and Polymeric Electron Acceptors for Liquid Crystalline Charge Transfer Complexes
1990: Sanidics: a new class of mesophases, displayed by highly substituted rigid-rod polyesters and polyamides
1990: Supermolecular self organization via molecular aggregation: nondiscotic three chain diols displaying a hexagonal columnar phase
1991: Characterization of Induced Nematic Columnar Phases
1991: Induction of a nematic columnar phase in a discotic hexagonal ordered phase forming system
1991: Liquid crystalline compounds. 63. Charge transfer induced nematic columnar phase in low molecular weight disk-like systems
1991: Structure and properties of liquid-crystalline polymers with complex architecture
1992: Characterization of Induced Nematic Columnar Phases
1992: Liquid crystalline compounds. 68. Further low mass liquid crystal systems with nematic columnar (NC) phase
1992: Nonlinear optical epoxy polymers with polar tolan chromophores
1992: Structure formation in doped discotic polymers and low molar mass model systems


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