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Dyadyusha, Andriy

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Dyadyusha, A.


Alberucci, Alessandro;   Assanto, Gaetano;   Dabrowski, Roman S.;   Gilchrist, Graham;   Kaczmarek, Malgosia;   Parka, Janusz;   Peccianti, Marco;   Piccardi, Armando;   Slussarenko, Sergei S.;   d'Alessandro, Giampaolo

Publication Titles

2003: Dynamics and uniformity of reorientation in liquid crystal cells with PVK alignment layers
2004: Surface charge layers and beam coupling in photosensitive polymer-liquid crystal structures
2004: Surface charge screening and boundary conditions for high two-beam coupling gain in pure liquid crystals
2006: Surface Screening Layers and Dynamics of Energy Transfer in Photosensitive Polymer-Liquid Crystal Structures
2006: Tunable refraction and reflection of self-confined light beams
2006: Two-Color Vector Solitons In Nonlocal Media
2007: Nonspecular Total Internal Reflection of Spatial Solitons at the Interface between Highly Birefringent Media
2008: Escaping Solitons from a Trapping Potential
2009: Voltage-driven in-plane steering of nematicons


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