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Du, Fang

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Du, F.


Dabrowski, Roman;   Gauza, Sebastian;   Liang, Xiao;   Lu, Yan-Qing;   Ren, Hong-Wen;   Wang, Hai-Ying;   Wu, Janet R.;   Wu, Shin-Tson;   Wu, Yung-Hsun

Publication Titles

2003: Curing temperature effects on liquid crystal gels
2003: High birefringence and wide nematic range liquid crystal mixtures
2004: Dual-frequency addressed hybrid-aligned nematic liquid crystal
2004: Electrically tunable liquid-crystal photonic crystal fiber
2004: Polarization switch using thick holographic polymer-dispersed liquid crystal grating
2004: Polymer-Stabilized Cholesteric Liquid Crystal for Polarization-Independent Variable Optical Attenuator
2005: Dual-Frequency Addressed Variable Optical Attenuator with Submillisecond Response Time
2005: Liquid-Crystal-Based Fourier Optical Spectrum Analyzer without Moving Parts


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