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Dunmur, D.A.

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Dunmur, David A.;   Dunmur, David Allen


Araya, K.;   Atkin, R.J.;   Balzarini, D.A.;   Becker, J.;   Bergersen, B.;   Berlinsky, A.J.;   Blatch, A.E.;   Brettle, R.;   Bruce, Duncan W.;   Coles, H.J.;   Collings, P.J.;   Cummins, P.G.;   Das, M.K.;   Day, S.E.;   Diez, S.;   Dunleavy, J.K.;   Dunn, C.J.;   Emelyanenko, A.V.;   Estdale, S.E.;   Fanizzi, F.P.;   Farnan, S.P.;   Ferrarini, A.;   Galindo, A.;   Goodby, J.W.;   Grayson, M.;   Grossel, M.C.;   Hanson, R.;   Haslam, A.J.;   Hitchen, D.A.;   Hong, Xi-Jun;   Hunt, S.E.;   Jackson, G.;   Jessup, N.E.;   Jha, B.;   Jubindo, M.Á.P.;   Kagawa, H.;   Karahaliou, P.K.;   Komura, S.;   Kondo, K.;   Kunimatsu, N.;   Laidler, D.A.;   Lalinde, E.;   Luckhurst, Geoffrey R.;   Maitlis, P.M.;   Manterfield, M.R.;   Marchant-Lane, S.E.;   Marson, C.M.;   Mehl, G.;   Meyer, T.;   Miller, W.H.;   Mojo, G.J.;   Munn, R.W.;   Murray, C.I.;   Okada, H.;   Onnagawa, H.;   Osipov, Mikhail A.;   Palffy-Muhoray, Peter;   Paul, R.;   Perez Jubindo, M.A.;   Photinos, D.;   Photinos, D.J.;   Pinol, M.;   Porta, F.L.;   Price, A.;   Pérez Jubindo, M.A.;   Rourke, J.P.;   Roy, S.K.;   Salt, N.J.S.;   Schott, C.;   Sharma, S.R.;   Stanley, M.;   Stern, M.S.;   Styring, P.;   Sugimori, S.;   Sugimura, A.;   Szumilin, K.;   Timimi, B.A.;   Tomes, A.E.;   Toriyama, K.;   Vanakaras, A.G.;   Varga, S.;   Walker, R.G.;   Walton, T.W.;   Waterworth, T.F.;   Wilson, M.R.;   de Bruyn, J.J.;   de Bruyn, J.R.;   de la Fuenta, M.R.;   de la Fuente, M. Rosario;   de la Fuente, M.R.

Publication Titles

1971: Local field effects in oriented nematic liquid crystals
1973: The dielectric properties of nematic MBBA in the presence of electric and magnetic fields
1975: Dielectric properties of nematic 4,4'-n-pentylcyanobiphenyl
1978: The dielectric and optical properties of the homologous series of cyano-alkyl-biphenyl liquid crystals
1979: Volumetric studies of the homologous series of alkylcyanobiphenyl liquid crystals
1980: Dipole-dipole correlation in nematic liquid crystals
1981: Electrooptical properties of liquid crystals
1981: The pretransitional Kerr effect in 4-n-pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl
1982: Calculation of elastic constants of nematic liquid crystals using an anisotropic lennard-jones potential
1982: Magnetic field induced order in uniaxial nematics: A comparison of Landau-de Gennes and Maier-Saupe theories
1982: Orientational order and refractive indices in binary nematic mixtures
1983: Field-induced order in nematic liquid crystals
1983: Molecular properties of pentyl-cyano mesogens having different core structures
1983: The shape of the Lorentz cavity and the internal field in anisotropic fluids
1984: Coexisting nematic phases in binary mixtures of liquid crystals
1984: Electric field-induced birefringence in liquid crystals
1984: High voltage birefringence measurements of elastic constants
1984: Local field anisotropy in nematic liquid crystals
1984: Mean field theory of binary mixtures of nematic liquid crystals
1984: Measurement of the elastic and dielectric properties of low {\f1 d}}\f1 e} materials
1984: Orientational Order in Binary Mixtures of Nematic Liquid Crystals
1984: The physical properties of an ester/biphenyl mixture exhibiting an injected smectic phase
1985: A new model for dipole-dipole association in mesogenic systems
1985: Electric field induced birefringence in nematic liquid crystal films: evidence for wall quenching of director fluctuations
1985: Electric field-induced planar to homeotropic transition in the SA phase of CB8
1985: Mean field theory of binary mixtures of nematic liquid crystals
1985: Phase behavior of binary nematic liquid crystal mixtures
1985: Stability of a biaxial phase in a binary mixture of nematic liquid crystals
1985: The physical properties of an ester/biphenyl mixture exhibiting an injected smectic phase
1986: A new association model for nematogenic systems - its significance for liquid crystal materials research
1986: Light scattering and dielectric studies of molecular association in mesogenic solutions
1986: Novel transition metal-containing nematic and smectic liquid crystals
1986: The physical and molecular properties of some nematic fluorobiphenylalkanes
1987: Field-induced biaxiality in nematics
1988: Light-scattering study of nematogenic molecules with a flexible core
1989: Field quenching of director fluctuations in thin films of nematic liquid crystals
1989: Molecular mechanics modeling of structure/property relationships in liquid crystals
1989: Transverse dipole association and negative dielectric anisotropy of nematic liquid crystals
1990: trans-(.eta.2-Alkene)(4'-alkyloxy-4-stilbazole)dichloroplatinum; low melting organometallic mesogens
1991: Dipole-dipole association of polar molecules in a nonpolar liquid crystal solvent
1991: Nobel prize for de Gennes
1992: A Molecular Model for the Smectic B Phase: The Stabilized Molecular Rotor
1992: A mean field theory of dipole-dipole correlation in nematic liquid crystals
1992: Organisation and Dynamics of Molecular Dipoles in Non-Polar Liquid Crystal Solvents
1992: Synthesis and Properties of some Mesogenic Azulenes
1992: The World of Liquid Crystals
1993: A molecular model for the smectic B phase: the stabilized molecular rotor
1993: ECLC 93 - European Conference on Liquid Crystals Science and Technology, 712 March 1993, Flims, Switzerland
1993: High Contrast Liquid Crystal Shutter
1993: New liquid crystalline compounds based on 2-arylthiophenes and 2-(biphenyl-4-yl)thiophenes
1993: Order parameters and densities in the smectic C, smectic A and nematic phases of a liquid crystal mixture
1994: Structure-property relationships in dopant-induced ferroelectric liquid crystals
1995: Asia Display'95 Proceedings
1995: Dielectric relaxation in coexisting nematic and smectic B phases
1995: Dipole association of polar mesogens in a liquid crystal solvent
1995: Lattice melting at the clearing point in frustrated systems
1995: Light scattering of PDLCs without a voltage for non-collimated system
1995: Small angle x-ray diffraction studies of an ester/biphenyl mixture (5CB/ME 50.5) showing an injected smectic phase
1996: Comparison of modeling and experimental values of non-linear optical coefficients of SCE13(*)
1997: Dielectric Relaxation in Mesogenic Dimers
1997: Liquid Crystalline Phase: Is it a Micromachine ?
1997: Numerical analysis of the radial-axial structure transition with an applied field in a nematic droplet
1998: Physical origin of liquid crystal optical properties
2000: Molecular theory of helical sense inversions in chiral nematic liquid crystals
2000: The effect of dopants on the twist elastic constant and the rotational viscosity coefficient for nematics
2002: Determination of the Rotational Viscosity Coefficient of a Nematic Liquid Crystal Using ESR Spectroscopy
2002: Dieletric Studies of a Laterally-Linked Siloxane Ester Dimer
2002: Molecular Models of Helical Sense Inversions in Chiral Nematics
2002: Rotational Dyamics of Liquid Crystal Dimers: Dielectric Studies
2003: Dielectric studies of a laterally-linked siloxane ester dimer
2003: On the investigation of field-induced director dynamics: a novel ESR experiment
2003: The phase behavior of a binary mixture of rodlike and disclike mesogens: Monte Carlo simulation, theory, and experiment
2005: The determination of molecular parameters from dielectric measurements on nematic liquid crystals
2006: Flexible dimers as dopants for liquid crystal display mixtures with faster relaxation times


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