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Dumrongrattana, S.


Arimilli, P.A.;   Chiang, L.Y.;   Huang, C.C.;   Kutnjak, Z.;   Levstik, A.;   Lien, S.C.;   Nounesis, G.;   Stofko, J.J.;   Viner, J.M.;   Žekš, Boštjan

Publication Titles

1984: Calorimetric studies near the smectic-A1-smectic-~A phase transition of a liquid-crystal compound
1986: Generalized mean-field model for the smectic-A-chiral-smectic-C phase transition
1986: Measurements of tilt angle and heat capacity in the vicinity of one smectic-A-chiral-smectic-C transition
1986: Temperature dependence of electrical critical field for one SmC* material
1986: Tilt-angle, polarization, and heat-capacity measurements near the smectic-A-chiral-smectic-C phase transition of p-(n-decyloxybenzylidene)-p-amino-(2-methylbutyl)cinnamate (DOBAMBC)
1987: Heat-capacity, tilt-angle, and polarization measurements near the smectic-A-chiral-smectic-C transition of one liquid-crystal compound
1987: Polarization and Tilt-Angle Measurements near the Smectic-A-Chiral-Smectic-C Transition of p-(n-decyloxybenzylidene)-p-amino-(2-methyl-butyl) cinnamate (DOBAMBC)
1991: Dielectric method for determining the electrical critical field in ferroelectric liquid crystals


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