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Dubini, B.

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Dubini, Bruno


Albertini, G.;   Ambrosini, A.;   Bossi, G.;   Bossi, M.G.;   Leone, L.;   Mariani, P.;   Melone, S.;   Phadke, Ratna S.;   Ponzi Bossi, M.G.;   Ponzi-Bossi, M.G.;   Puliti, P.;   Ruchichelli, F.;   Russo, P.;   Rustichelli, C.;   Rustichelli, F.;   Srivastava, Sudha;   Torquati, G.

Publication Titles

1978: Thermodynamic investigation of the metastable phases of TBBA
1979: X-ray study of phase transition involving ordered biaxial phases
1980: Temperature dependence of lattice parameters in solid, smectic Bc and metastable phases of TBBA
1980: Two-dimensional disorder as a pretransitional effect in smectic H
1980: X-ray diffraction study of the mesophase of octaphenylcyclotetrasiloxane
1981: Investigation of the cholesteryl oleate mesophases by x-ray diffraction
1981: Microcalorimetric study of a mesophase involving globular molecules (OPCTS)
1983: Study of cholesteryl oleate-cholesteryl linoleate binary mixtures
1983: Study of phase transitions involving the mesophases of cholesteryl linoleate
1987: X-ray diffraction study of cholesterol-cholesteryl oleate binary mixtures
1990: Structural modifications in the liquid crystalline Lα phase of distearoylphosphatidylcholine induced by variable cholesterol concentration
1990: Thermodynamical and Structural Effects of Diltiazem on Lecithin Liposomes
1992: Membrane Fluidization Induced by Antifungal Biphonazole
1992: Study of Interaction of Anitdiarrhoeal Loperamide with Model Membranes


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