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Drzaic, Paul S.

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Drzaic, P.S.

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Drazaic, Paul S.;   Drzaic, Paul


Amundson, Karl;   Atkins, Harriet;   Atkins, Harriette;   Drzaic, Paul;   Gonzales, Anne M.;   Havens, John;   McCoy, James;   Montoya, Wayne;   Muller, Arthur;   Reamey, Robert H.;   Strain, James;   Wartenberg, Mark F.;   Welsh, Laurence;   Wiley, Richard;   Wojtowicz, Janusz;   van Konynenburg, Peter

Publication Titles

1986: Polymer dispersed nematic liquid crystal for large area displays and light valves
1988: Reorientation dynamics of polymer dispersed nematic liquid crystal films
1989: Droplet shape and reorientation fields in nematic droplet/polymer films
1989: High brightness and color contrast displays constructed from nematic droplet/polymer films incorporating pleochroic dyes
1989: Thermodynamics of the electric field induced orientation of nematic droplet/polymer films
1990: Droplet size and shape effects in nematic droplet/polymer films
1991: Comparison of electrooptical response functions of nematic droplet/polymer films
1991: Light budget and optimization strategies for display applications of dichroic nematic droplet/polymer films
1992: Light scattering properties and mechanisms in nematic dispersions
1992: Phenomenological scattering models for nematic droplet/polymer films: refractive index and droplet correlation effects
1992: SPIE/IS&T Conference - “Liquid Crystal Materials, Applications & Devices” San José, California, USA, February 1992
1993: Encapsulated liquid-crystal devices and their preparation
1993: Refractive index gradients and light scattering in polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films
1993: Some factors influencing light scattering in PDLC films
1994: Light scattering in PDLC films: How to build a better window
1995: Droplet density, droplet size, and wavelength effects in PDLC light scattering
1995: Encapsulated liquid-crystal devices
1995: Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals: A Look Back, A Look Ahead
1996: Electro-optics of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal materials
1996: Recent progress in dichroic polymer-dispersed liquid crystal materials
1997: Colored reflective liquid crystal display with improved color intensity, brightness and/or contrast
1997: Interplay of morphology and anchoring on PDLC light scattering
1999: A case of mistaken identity: spontaneous formation of twisted bipolar droplets from achiral nematic materials
2002: Method for forming patterned semiconductor film for larger area transistor arrays
2006: Putting liquid crystal droplets to work: a short history of polymer dispersed liquid crystals


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