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Dressel, B.


Buka, Ágnes;   Camara, K.;   Joets, A.;   Kramer, L.;   Lindau, J.;   Otowski, W.;   Pastur, L.;   Pelzl, G.;   Pesch, W.;   Plaut, E.;   Ribotta, R.;   Toth-Katona, T.;   Zhao, H.

Publication Titles

2001: Theory of electroconvection for the gourmet
2002: Competition of Periodic and Homogeneous Modes in Extended Dynamical Systems
2002: Electroconvection in nematic liquid crystals with positive dielectric and negative conductivity anisotropy
2003: Competition between electroconvection and Fréedericksz distortions in nematic liquid crystals with slightly positive dielectric anisotropy
2004: Direct transition to electroconvection in a homeotropic nematic liquid crystal
2004: Isotropic Convection Scenarios in an Anisotropic Fluid


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