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Douy, André

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Douy, A.


Alonso, Bruno;   Billot, Jean-Pascal;   Gallot, Bernard;   Gallot, Bernard R.;   Gallot, Bernard Rene Maurice;   Gervais, Monique;   Hassan, Hussein Haj;   Jouan, Gilbert;   Massiot, Dominique;   Mayer, R.;   Perez, Javier;   Perly, Bruno;   Pontoni, Marzia;   Rager, Marie-Noelle;   Rossi, Joel;   Santarelli, Xavier;   Veron, Emmanuel

Publication Titles

1968: Amorphous sequence-ordered copolymers. Effect of solvent on the structural parameters of mesomorphic gels
1969: Structure of liquid crystalline phases from amorphous block copolymers
1970: Effect of temperature on the lamellar mesomorphic phases obtained from bisequenced copolymers. Phase diagram of the polystyrene-polybutadiene-toluene system
1971: Mesomorphic structure of polybutadiene-polystyrene-polybutadiene block copolymers. X-ray diffraction and electron microscopic study
1971: Phase diagram of systems. Block copolymer-preferential solvent of one block
1971: Study of liquid-crystalline structures of polystyrene-polybutadiene block copolymers by small angle x-ray scattering and electron microscopy
1972: Polybutadiene/polystyrene/polybutadiene block copolymers. Study of organized structures by x-ray diffraction, electron microscopy and differential scanning calorimetry
1973: Localization of solvent in the mesomorphic structures of bisequenced polystyrene-polydiene copolymers
1973: Study of organized structures of polystyrene/polybutadiene/polystyrene block copolymers
1974: Synthesis of the polybutadiene-poly(benzyl-L-glutamate) sequential copolymers and structural study of their mesophases
1976: Block copolymers polybutadiene/poly(benzyl-L-glutamate) and polybutadiene/poly(N5-hydroxypropylglutamine). Preparation and structural study by x-ray and electron microscopy
1976: Synthesis of AB block copolymers of polybutadiene-poly(2-vinylnaphthalene) by anionic polymerization. Study of their structure in concentrated solution before and after polymerization of the solvent
1977: A new class of mesomorphic copolymers: copolymers with a saccharide block and a peptide block
1977: Mesomorphic Order in Block Co-polymers from .alpha.-Aminoacids and Other Monomers and in Co-polymers of .alpha.-Aminoacids
1977: Preparation, fractionation, and structure of block copolymers polystyrene-poly(carbobenzoxy-L-lysine) and polybutadiene-poly(carbobenzoxy-L-lysine)
1978: Mesomorphic order in block copolymers from .alpha.-amino acids and other monomers and in copolymers from .alpha.-amino acids
1979: Influence of the nature of the blocks on the ordered structures of block copolymers
1979: Study of organized polybutadiene-poly(.alpha.-methylstyrene) copolymers prepared by anionic polymerization
1980: Synthesis and mesomorphic structures of new amphipathicliposaccharides
1981: A new structure for polystyrene-polybutadiene block copolymers: a smectic E type structure
1982: Block copolymers with a polyvinyl and a polypeptide block: factors governing the folding of the polypeptide chains
1983: Synthesis of lyotropic lipopeptides and structural study of their liquid crystalline phases
1984: Lipopeptides and their use as emulsifiers
1985: Liposaccharides with a saccharidic chain of hen ovotransferrin: synthesis, determination of the mesomorphic structure, and comparison with other liposaccharides
1986: New amphipathic lipopeptides. 1. Synthesis and mesomorphic structures of lipopeptides with polysarcosine peptidic chains
1986: Study by x-ray diffraction of the geometrical shape of glycoprotein sugar chains in two model glycoconjugates, a liposaccharide and a phospholiposaccharide, having the same sugar chain
1987: Amphipathic block copolymers with two polypeptide blocks: synthesis and structural study of poly(N.epsilon.-trifluoroacetyl-L-lysine)-polysarcosine copolymers
1987: Comb copolymers with thermotropic and lyotropic properties. Synthesis and structural study
1987: Lipopeptide-based branched polymers forming thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystals, their application, and the corresponding monomers
1987: Synthesis and structural study by x-ray diffraction of lyotropic block lipopeptidic polymers with polylysine and poly(glutamic acid) peptidic chains
1989: Synthesis and mesomorphic structures of comb liquid-crystalline polymers with lipopeptidic side chains
2004: Morphological and textural control of spray-dried mesoporous silica-based spheres


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