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Douglass, Andrew G.

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Douglass, A.G.


Attard, George S.;   Balinski, Andrzej;   Both, Birgit;   Czupryñski, Krzysztof;   Drzewinski, Witold;   Harvey, James E.;   Imrie, Corrie T.;   Kaszynski, Piotr;   Mierzwa, Michelle;   Pakhomov, Serhii;   Piecek, Wiktor;   Taylor, Lesley

Publication Titles

1992: Liquid-crystalline cyclic trimers derived from benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylic acid
1998: An assessment of carborane-containing liquid crystals for potential device application
1998: Effects of Carborane-Containing Liquid Crystals on the Stability of Smectic Phases
1998: Liquid crystals containing p-carborane
1999: Carborane-containing liquid crystals: a comparison of 4-octyloxy-4'-(12-pentyl-1,12-dicarbadodecaboran-1-yl)biphenyl with its hydrocarbon analogs
1999: Mesogenic properties of single ring compounds: dipentyl derivatives of p-carboranes and bicyclo[2.2.2]octane
1999: Organic derivatives of closo-boranes: a new class of liquid crystal materials
2002: The Effect of Closo-Boranes on Mesogenic Properties


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